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Top 10 Hollywood movies of all time

Some movies leave behind a lasting impression in our memories. We bring to you 10 classic Hollywood movies of all time which are masterpieces in their own right! How many of these have you seen?

1. The Godfather – Hollywood Movies

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The Godfather is undoubtedly one of the most amazing classics of all times. Vito Corleone, portrayed by Marlon Brando, is one of his finest performances and literally gives chills every time you watch him on screen! So powerful, yet so subtle.

2. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – Hollywood Movies

This Spaghetti Western flick will definitely make you want to be a cowboy. And the whistle soundtrack of this movie is simply awesome!

3. 12 Angry Men – Hollywood Movies

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This movie involves a jury discussing a court case and is so brilliantly portrayed that you can actually imagine the scene of the investigation even though the movie is shot entirely in one room itself. Its a black and white movie but is one of the best movies of all times! MUST WATCH!

4. The Dark Knight

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Christian Bale taking on the role of Batman and Heath Ledger playing The Joker, need we say more? Oh and Christopher Nolan!

5. The Shawshank Redemption- Hollywood Movies

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Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman’s epic spectacular performances coupled with brilliant writing from Stephen King and Frank Darabont and direction of Frank Darabont made this movie a masterpiece of all time!

6. Pulp Fiction- Hollywood Movies

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Pulp Fiction is an unusual masterpiece. Its story telling and narration has created one of the best cult performances on screen till date!

7. Inception – Hollywood Movies

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A dream within a dream within a dream!

8. Mr. Nobody – Hollywood Movies

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Mr. Nobody is perhaps one of the hidden gems. Not many people know about this movie but Jared Leto has given quite an astounding performance in this movie and in many ways it is on level of Inception!

9. The Matrix – Hollywood Movies

Keanu Reeves performance as Neo makes The Matrix a memorable movie of all time. The slow motion bullet sequence is something that we cannot forget and still is regarded as one of the coolest movie scenes of all time!

10. Interstellar – Hollywood Movies

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This movie simply is on another level of awesomeness. Christopher Nolan, take a bow!

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