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7 Things Only 90s Kids Can Relate To

If you were born in the 90s then you must have had a really awesome childhood since it was a time when we transitioned from floppy disks to CD drives, and so much more. Here are 7 things only 90s kids can relate to:

1. Cartoon Network

old_cartoon_network 90s kids
Image Source: Pinterest

Oh the good old days when there were cartoons like Dexter’s Laboratory, Pokemon, Flintstones, Popeye, Tom And Jerry and so many more! 90s were the golden period for Cartoon Network shows and we so badly miss all the old cartoons! Right?

2. Pepsi ice candies

pepsi_ice_candies 90s kids
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Do you remember the joy of slurping that Re. 1 ice candy? Of course, it wasn’t by Pepsi but everyone used to call it that 😀

3. Tazos

tazos 90s kids
Image Source:

Cheetos made us go crazy over collecting tazos! Remember?

4. WWF Cards

wwf_cards 90s kids
Image Source: Funscoop

Back in those days WWE was WWF and those cards were the “in” thing those days and it was equally fun to trade cards!

5. G. I. Joe action figures – 90s kids

g_i_joe 90s kids
Image Source: Entertainment Earth

G. I. Joe action figures were our favorite collectibles and it was super fun! How many of these you had?

6. Arcade Machines

mk_arcade_machine 90s kids
Image Source: 2:48am

Going to a shop with an arcade machine and playing for an hour for Rs. 5 or Rs. 10 with friends was the most awesome fun way to spend time with friends and mashing those arcade machine buttons!

7. Road Rash – 90s kids

road_rash 90s kids
Image Source: EMUParadise

We all remember spending countless hours of our life playing this game and kicking the sh*t out of the police chasing you!

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Nikhil Malankar
Nikhil is the founder of Tell Me Nothing and has a huge interest in making and playing games. He is also into game development and has written a published book on the same.

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