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7 sights to see in Brno, Czech Republic

Czech Republic, in Europe, is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Its capital city Prague is the most scenic place to visit. However, not many people travel to other parts of this country. We bring to you Brno City of Czech Republic which is like a hidden gem of this beautiful country. Here are 8 places you can visit in Brno, Czech Republic:

1. Hrad Špilberk – Brno, Czech Republic

Špilberk Castle Brno Czech Republic
Špilberk Castle

This castle in Brno is really well constructed and is one of the most awesome places to visit in the city.

View from top of the Špilberk Castle in Brno Czech Republic
View from top of the Špilberk Castle

Hrad, in Czech, means Castle. This castle is one of the most scenic castles in Brno and you can see the entire city from top of it.

2. Cathedral of St. Peter And Paul – Brno, Czech Republic

The cathedral

There are many churches and cathedrals to visit in Brno and this is one of the most popular ones.

3. Villa Tugendhat – Brno, Czech Republic

Villa Tugendhat is a historical building in the wealthy neighbourhood of Černá Pole in Brno, Czech Republic. It is one of the pioneering prototypes of modern architecture in Europe, and was designed by the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Built of reinforced concrete between 1928 and 1930 for Fritz Tugendhat and his wife Greta, the villa soon became an icon of modernism.

4. Brno Astronomical Clock – Brno, Czech Republic

This monument is located in the center of the city

Yes, we know what it looks like 😛

5. Brno Dragon – Old Town Hall – Brno, Czech Republic

Yes, this is a dragon 😛

Of course, its not a dragon! 😀 Actually, when the Czechs first saw a crocodile they didn’t know it was a crocodile and presumed it to be a dragon. Ever since then the crocodile is regarded as a dragon. This is located near the Radnice where you can buy some good souvenirs.

6. Brno Hlavní nádraží – Brno, Czech Republic

View from inside a train

If you are coming to Brno by train then you will reach this city through Hlavní nádraží, in Czech it means the main train station. This train station in itself is a nice place to see and your gateway to the outskirts of Brno city where you will find many places to visit as well as many beautiful villages to go.

7. Brno Zoo – Brno, Czech Republic

A bear in the Brno Zoo

There are many variety of animals in this zoo and you can also take away some really good souvenirs. Plus, the animals are happy with the care they get from the zoo!

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