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10 Ethnic Jewellery that will go on your Western Wear

Guys, you really think we girls cry on problems such as pimples, breakups or why did Jon Snow die? That actually, are not termed as a problem for us. The real problem comes when we have to figure out how to eat junk food without gaining weight and what accessories to wear to mach up with your outfit, especially the western wear. In such a state, when you try giving your opinion, trust me guys, you are igniting a flame that shall lead to a bomb blast equivalent to the ones in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But ladies, what are we here for? You name a problem and we are your one stop shop for all of ’em. (The problem does not include explaining guys the pain during our periods. Sorry!) Here’s at your doorstep a list of 10 hand-picked ethnic jewelleries that’ll go on your western wear. Why ethnic on western wear? Well, who doesn’t love to be unique and showered with attention and compliments? Duh! Ethnic Jewellery on Western Wear.

Scroll down for beautiful ideas for your tonight’s party:

1. Rustic Beauty – Ethnic Jewellery

Rustic ornaments are never out of style. They add a different charm to your personality, regardless of what you wear. You can find this piece of beauty at Colaba, Mumbai for INR 450/-

But darling, bargain till your heart’s content. This pair of earings with leafy print can go on any printed, symmetrical, asymmetrical, or even a plain dress, especially the bright colored ones.


Rustic Earings
Rustic Earigs with leafy prints – Ethnic Jewellery

2. The Rustic Choker with a Turquoise Touch – Ethnic Jewellery

This elegant piece is here for other ladies to envy you as guys are going to shower you with nothing but compliments. Be ready to be a topic of gossip among the gossip mongers. You will find this piece of elegance at Colaba, Mumbai for INR 300/-

If bargained, you can lower the price as well. Chokers being in trend, this beauty can perfectly go on a plain dress of any color.

Rustic Choker
Silver and Golden Chokers with Turquoise Beads – Ethnic Jewellery


3. The Feather Touch – Ethnic Jewellery

This one’s going to make every guy and girl turn their heads just towards you. Feathers always acts as an icing on the cake. This piece is available in many colors, designs and shapes and it just costs you INR 180/- and will go on any, I repeat, any dress. You can find them at Colaba, Mumbai.

P.S.: I bargained and bought this beauty for INR 100/- (I know, I have some real good bargaining skills. Thanks!)

Feather Earings
Feather earings available in various colors, designs and shapes – Ethnic Jewellery

4. Jhumka Gira Re… – Ethnic Jewellery

Jhumkas are never ever out of style because jhumkas are love! This pair of lovelies are going to make you feel like a fashionista and can go on any pair of a plain dress of any color, mini skirt or even a simple jeans and a spaghetti. You can find these at Colaba, Mumbai. Available in Red, Blue and Purple too, it costs you INR  450/-

Bargaining is the key to have a perfect set of accessories, ladies!


Pair of yellow jhumkas
Pair of Yellow Jhumkas – Ethnic Jewellery


5. Go the Boho way – Ethnic Jewellery

“You’re shining, baby!”, is all what you will hear by putting this neck-piece on. This turquoise-boho necklace would go with a plain dress, regardless of its color and style. Available in various designs and styles, including some variations in the coin necklaces too, this piece found at Colaba, Mumbai will cost you INR 500/-

Again, bargaining causes no harm, honey.


Boho necklace
Turquoise-Boho Neck-Piece – Ethnic Jewellery

6. Go Vintage with Peacocks – Ethnic Jewellery

These lovelies are surely going to drool and swoon some good number of people. Found at Colaba, Mumbai, this pair of jhumkas are available in Red, Yellow and Green as well. They cost you INR 300/- and you can wear them in contrast with any color.

Show your bargaining skills to buy them at a lower cost.


Peacock Jhumkas
Rustic Peacock designed Purple Jhumkas – Ethnic Jewellery


7. Dream Catcher – Ethnic Jewellery

This pair of dream catcher earings are going to give your girl gang some real fashion goals. Found at Colaba, Mumbai, available in black color as well and shall cost you INR 180/-

To be honest, black does not give you that good effect the way turquoise will show up. Again, I bought this one just for INR 100/- (Demonetization has hit me as well.)


Dream catcher earings
Turquoise colored Dream Catcher Earings – Ethnic Jewellery


8. Feather Tassels – Ethnic Jewellery

Tassels have never been out of style. Adding feather to them would be adding a cherry on the cake. All it adds is nothing but beauty. These beauties found at Colaba, Mumbai costs you INR 180/- and is available in various shapes, colors and designs as well. They will go on any western outfit of yours.

I bought them for INR 100/- (Not faking at all. Mother promise!)


Colorful Feather Tassels
Colorful Feather Tassels – Ethnic Jewellery


9. Scarf It Up – Ethnic Jewellery

If you are not an accessory fan (which is completely normal), we have an alternative about that, too. You can opt for this lovely scarf with a charm pendant sort of a thing, which highlights its perfection. The best part about it is, the pendant is detachable and can be attached to any other scarf that you own. Again, found at Colaba, Mumbai, the collections and variations out here is something that will never disappoint you. This will suit on any dress you blindly pick up from your wardrobe. This shall cost you INR 300/-

Bargain till you get it almost for free. (I’m exaggerating. Don’t kill me if the shopkeeper kicks you out.)


Peach scarf with white pendant
Peach colored scarf with White detachable charm pendant – Ethnic Jewellery

10. Bohemian Style – Ethnic Jewellery

This pair, which gives you a feeling of getting up right from your bed and go shopping, is so much trendy and fashionable.  They are gorgeous and will make you look all the more beautiful. These boho beauties shall go on any sort of apparel and will make you stand out of the crowd. Found at Colaba, Mumbai, they’re available in various shapes, sizes and colors. They will cost you INR 200/-

No, I did not buy them as I was out of cash. But you can flaunt your bargain skills without any fear.


Bohemian Earings
Bohemian Charm Earings – Ethnic Jewellery


We hope we have managed to slow down the roller coaster spinning in your head with regards to matching up accessories with your dresses. You can thank us later for giving you some fashion goals. “I have enough accessories.”, said no girl ever.

We personally had been to Colaba, Mumbai and all the picture are clicked by us. (Don’t judge our photography skills, please!) The reason behind saying this is Colaba has a fantastic collection of jewelries, which you just cannot resist. I went there just to click pictures for this article and I ended up buying 3 pair of these lovelies.

Ladies, go stock up your wardrobe and guys, you can gift anything without a doubt to your lady love.


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