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Krishna Shukla Talking About His Acting Career And Motivation

Krishna Shukla is an ambitious new face in the profession of acting. We got a chance to interact with him and talk about his experiences in this career. Here is an interview with him:

1. So, Krishna Shukla, Tell us something about yourself.

Hey readers, My name is Krishna and I am no God! Technically this is my first interview and its due to my school friend Nikhil Malankar that I can share my experiences which are really few, with you. I am B.Com graduate from Mithibai College, Vile Parle (W) and an aspiring actor who is working hard to make a mark in this world with his own talent. I am a happy go lucky, optimistic guy who tries to see good in everything that happens, firm believer in Karma and Destiny – which plays an important role in your life to make you reach to the place that you really want to achieve.


2. What have you done professionally?

I have done Gujarati Plays, episodic serials, short films for now. Working hard to increase my line of work.

3. How did you get into acting?

Actually it’s an interesting story. I had never thought that I would be an actor or never had done any work that could make me realize that I have it in me or no. I was in my Third year of and there were auditions going on for the students of degree college to participate in Mumbai Youth Festival and get a chance to represent your college in the festival. On that Day, after my recess was over at 8.40 am, it was Accounts lecture and I had forgotten my Accounts book in which I had done the homework which I had to show to the professor.

So as you can think, I was thrown out of class for that lecture. Meandering in corridors I came on the 1st floor I came across the room where auditions were being taken. I sat there and saw people give auditions with passion and seeing that I was thrilled. Audition process is like you need to say a Monologue in any language you can preferably Hindi or English. I went a notch ahead and said it in Gujarati..haha!

Krishna Shukla

It was an exhilarating experience and I loved it. The people who gave auditions were then called by the Director and there were around 75 to 100 students who thought they all will get the Role but director said not all will get the role and some would have to do the backstage. Hearing this around 30 students left. I was ready to do backstage or acting whichever came my way as I wanted to learn the process. With such statements and various exercises which continued for a week, only 30 to 40 people survived, who really wanted to make a mark, I was one of them.

Then came the time for division of actors for Hindi & Marathi Skit, Hindi & Marathi Play, Mime, Mono Acting. Only 6 students were going to represent college in Hindi Skit, I was the number 7. Director told me to come everyday and see how these people act and also to learn the lines, if anyone of them couldn’t make it. With hope and desire to learn, I used to stay for a long time and see them act and learn dialogues.

This happened for a week and half. As the saying goes that “What’s worth having never comes easy”, I gave my time and energy just for a chance to participate in a Skit which is going to last less then 10 minutes and somebody Up there listened to me. A boy who was in skit rehearsal was also in Mime rehearsal and their time clashed, thus director told him to concentrate on Mime and I GOT THE SKIT PART. We practiced for around a month for almost 12 hours daily. The result of this was We Won 4th place in Mumbai Youth Festival in Hindi Skit. I know its a long story, but it is of utmost important to me as it has my blood, sweat and hard work and I came to know “What I wanted to do in Life”. I proved myself first and then when I thought I had what it takes to pursue Acting, I got into it.

I eventually started getting experimental plays and landed in commercial play as well. It all came to me with flow and I tried to prove myself everytime I got a chance.

4. Your father, Shekhar Shukla, is a great actor too. Was it because of his profession, you chose acting as well?

My father is a Superb Actor, I think genes does play a role and acting comes to me naturally. But NO, I never wanted to take up Acting just because my father is an Actor. Acting is an individual job, none can help you and only you can help yourself. I never wanted to use my Dad’s name to climb the ladder. I wanted to give a tough fight to all those around me and with my talent and hard work I wanted to grow as an actor and I did just that.

Shekhar Shukla, Krishna Shukla's Dad Image Source: Times Of India
Shekhar Shukla, Krishna Shukla’s Dad
Image Source: Times Of India

Having my father’s name behind me people think its easy for me to get into acting and roles. Well Let me tell you something, it only helps that people will talk to you nicely, that’s it. I will have to prove myself to get the role. I rehearsed for 3 days and then the director finally decided that I would get the part in the play. Also I have my dad’s legacy, which he has made with such tremendous amount of hard work, to keep up to.

My Dad never knew that i was interested in Acting and that I had auditioned for college festival. It was after I got selected, I told him and He was really supportive of whatever I wanted to do and pursue in life. My Dad is My biggest strength. I only wish that I could do atleast 50% of what and how he does on the screen.

5. You are majorly doing theatres and plays. Any fun incident you’d like to share during the play?

Doing theatre and plays are as such fun to do. There were fun incidents, but I would not be able to share as it involves lot of stuff.

6. Any plans of getting in Bollywood?

Yeah sure and why not? I would love to romance girls wearing chiffon saree on Swiss Parvat Mala! No plans as such. I like to go with the flow and would do whatever comes my way for now. What do you think? Would you all like to see me romance on screen or do some Dhishoom Dhishoom to the villains on screen? comment down below.


7. Bollywood or Television, what would you prefer?

Both. Television has a huge reach and Bollywood films have higher recall value in minds of audience. I would do both as it gives me chance to Act. Acting is what I like irrespective of Bollywood or Television. Good content matters the most.

8. Who has been your inspiration?

My Dad. He is a superb actor and whatever work ethics and manners I have, I have learnt from him. He guides me and lots of other young guys who comes and asks him how to go about in this field. He is still grounded and humble even after achieving his share of fame and success. I have learnt this from him and I never use his name or fame for getting what I want. I want to be self made and willing to give all it takes. I know its going to be tough but Hey, Tough situations don’t last, Tough people do!

9. What is the best compliment you have received till date and from whom?

First, I am a xerox of my dad, mostly all of them have said this. Secondly,I Act like him, its something huge for me. One compliment that I remember, came from a girl, my classmate, in my third year of It was after a Skit I did in class for a subject and people loved it. She told me “You are a fine actor Krishna, You will make a mark one day”.  I think her words made me think about myself that I can Act.


It was an encouragement to me, small compliments do play a huge part in you life and I think that compliment gave me a path to try Acting as those people were audience, if they liked me,many more can, with this thought I try to work hard and grow as an actor. I also compliment others if i liked their work, its a small thing for us but a huge thing for them. I believe in “Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.”

10. Any message for the viewers of Tell Me Nothing?

To the viewers of Tell Me Nothing. THANK YOU very much for giving your precious time to read this Article and appreciate your thoughts and encouragement and criticism on it. I would also Thank my friend and Owner of Tell Me Nothing, Nikhil Malankar, for interviewing me and giving me a chance to put forward my thoughts among you. Keep spreading smile and love to each other and appreciate all your good lucks and blessings if you give! Ha..ha..! Until Next Time – Krishna Shukla.

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