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A Food Table Conference with the Foodies : Team Simply Jain

Since college days, we’ve always planned on starting our own venture with our best friend. Well, this duo has practically done it and has actually challenged the world saying – ‘Stop us if you can.’ We had a “foodie” interaction with two crazy “foodies”. She is a Jain and strictly religious. However on the contradictory, her friend is a Bori Muslim and a hardcore non-vegetarian lover. Khushali Shah, a fabulous cook who owns a cookery channel on YouTube called ‘Simply Jain’

And Fatema Mahabaleshwarwala, the reason behind Khushali being a YouTuber. She is the one to shoot all the videos.

Who wouldn’t go through this article because food is life. Duh! Scroll down to find out an interview with the foodies.

Broccoli Cheese Corn Toast prepared by Team Simply Jain
Broccoli Cheese Corn Toast prepared by Team Simply Jain

Tell us something about yourselves.

 Kushali: Well, I’ve done my graduation in Bachelor in Management Studies. Along with that, I’ve also pursued my degree in Fashion Designing. I love traveling and cooking. Off lately, I’ve started with baking. I’ve also started taking a few orders as well.

Fatema– I’ve also done my graduation in Bachelor of Management Studies.Post which I started working with a digital media company where I learned a lot about YouTube. Currently, I’m pursuing my MBA in marketing.


How do you know each other?

 We met in Kishanchand Chelaram (KC) college while we were in our degree college during graduation.

Khushali Shah and Fatema Mahabaleshwarwala at Khushali's house
Khushali Shah and Fatema Mahabaleshwarwala at Khushali’s house


How did you get into cooking?

 It all started when I was 8. My mum was not well, my sister was real thin and skinny, because of which my father was against her entering the kitchen, worrying she might end up hurting herself. When it comes to me, I was healthy since I was a kid. So, I said to my father that I’ll go and cook. He agreed saying you won’t hurt yourself. So that’s when I started going to the market, buying vegetables and groceries. Eventually, all the vegetable vendors and the general store shopkeepers were familiar with me. That’s when I realized I actually love cooking. Since then, it is impossible for someone to stop me from cooking.

Nutella Waffles prepared by Team Simply Jain
Nutella Waffles prepared by Team Simply Jain


How did you come up with an idea of starting of starting a cooking channel?

 Khushali: Well, it was all Fatema’s idea. I had never ever thought even in my wildest dreams of being a YouTuber.

Fatema: It all started when I’d attended this seminar conducted by a digital media agency. Apparently, when we went there, we realized it was YouTube who was conducting the event. At the end of the event, my mind was boggled completely. I was on my way back home when I called Khushali up and said, “Babe, we got to do something of this sort. Even if we fail in the start, doesn’t really matter. At least we won’t be having the guilt of not trying at all.” She somehow agreed, we shot a couple of videos, and here we are. Simply Jain.


What is your favorite dish that you cook?

 Khushali: I think I can prepare delicious Tacos.

Fatema: The dish she prepared that I was drooled over was Paneer Butter Masala.


Corn Manchurian and Paneer Lifafa prepared by Khushali Shah.
Corn Manchurian and Paneer Lifafa prepared by Team Simply Jain while we visited them


Were there any blunders made by in cooking while you were actually shooting the video?

A lot. Especially during the ingredients. She used to mix up mostly between salt and sugar. We had to take the voice over at times and do the editing accordingly. That was during the initial phase. Now Khushali is absolutely confident in front of the camera and makes no blunders.


Tell us something about how difficult it is to shoot a video while she’s cooking?

Well, when it comes to shooting for a YouTube video, you do not have multiple takes, especially for a cookery channel. Once the video is taken, it’s the final one. There’s no retake. The accuracy is quite a challenge while shooting a video.


How supportive your family has been with you being a YouTuber?

My family has always been extremely supportive. I actually wanted to pursue Hotel Management, but being a Jain, I had limitations. My father was strictly against me preparing non vegetarian food. My first video for them was a surprise. They were not at home while we had recorded this video. I called them up saying I was planning to do something of this sort. They were quite supportive and were very happy about this as well. Whenever we record a video, I want nobody around apart from Fatema. Not only because she is responsible to shoot the video, but she makes me feel extremely comfortable by her presence.


Have you ever come across comments such as “Ab ladki khana banana seekh gayi hain toh iski shaadi kar do?” If yes, how do you react to that?– positive

Well, yes, I get quite a few comments like, ‘Jis ghar mein jaegi waha sabko sukhi rakhegi.’I I act extremely positive to it. But my family is not at all in a hurry to get me married. They’re absolutely supportive of me doing everything that I love.


Why not fashion designing as a career?

I am still into it. I have not given up on it totally. But I design clothes only for me and my sister. I believe in doing what you enjoy the most and I enjoy cooking. Whenever I’m in a bad mood or I’m extremely happy, I go to the kitchen and experiment something new. Along with fashion designing and cooking, I also take care of my sister’s business which is into jewellery designing.


How has Jainism influenced you or motivated you?

Fatema: I’d like to answer this one. Rather than cribbing about her being a Jain, we took this as an opportunity. An opportunity to target a niche market and reach out to everybody with a message that there is an alternative, always. You can prepare any vegetarian dishes on this planet without onion, garlic and potatoes. We had set an example for this when we had conducted a Thai Food Campaign. Thai food contains a lot of ginger and garlic, whereas on the other hand, we had used neither of them. And to our surprise, people loved all of the recipes. I being a Bori Muslim, I’m a hardcore non vegetarian. But after tasting her hand made vegetarian food, that too Jain, I’m a huge huge vegetarian fan. Actually, I am a huge huge Khushali Shah fan now.


What is your favorite cuisine?

Khushali: Chinese!

Fatema: Chinese and Mughlai!


You have 16000 subscribers. That’s a huge number. Any crazy fan story?

Fatema: Hahaha, there are quite a few. There was a random guy who proposed to Khushali on YouTube. She is so shy about it.

Khushali: I was out for clubbing with my best friend and a random girl comes up to me saying “I know you.” I got a clue about how she knows me. She was so drunk that she was speaking the same thing again and again. His friend came and was trying to take her away but she was constantly saying one thing “I really know her” Also, this incident happened when we went to a YouTube fest. A leading chef saw us and said “I know you. You are running a cookery channel related to Jain food.” It feels immensely great when a fellow YouTuber praises you and appreciates you.


From where do you have most of your subscribers?

We have a major chunk of subscribers from India. However, we also have people following us majorly from the US, UK and Pakistan as well.


Who is your motivation?

Khushali: I think my family is my biggest motivation. They always are very blunt and honest with their opinions. They never sugar-coat their opinions. And of course, Fatema is one of the reasons where we are right now.

Fatema: I think, everything is a motivation for me. It’s like connecting the dots, you know. Things that I’ve learnt from the digital agency I used to work with, our fellow youtubers, my family, our viewers and Khushali. She agreeing to do this was and always will be a big deal for me and a turning point of our lives.


Any message for the viewers of Tell Me Nothing?

 Just one message, Jain food is not limited in terms of variations. It has unlimited varieties to serve you delicious food. We are quite different from any other food channel and we promise to come up with many many delicious recipes on Simply Jain.

Tell me nothing, you guys are doing an amazing work. We can’t thank you enough for featuring us on your amazing page. Keep on being awesome and keep on telling the world, nothing!


Our team had a fun and foodie interaction with Khushali and Fatema.  We experienced a very warm welcome by them. The Simply Jain team had prepared some delicious food. Have a glance at the fun time we had:


Mexican Buns and Gooey Cookie prepared by Khushali Shah
Mexican Buns and Gooey Cookie prepared by Team Simply Jain while we visited them



(L-R) Team Tell Me Nothing's founder Nikhil Malankar, Director Shweta Shah, Simply Jain's founder Khushali Shah and her Partner Fatema Mahabaleshwarwala
(L-R) Team Tell Me Nothing’s Founder Nikhil Malankar, Director Shweta Shah, Simply Jain’s founder Khushali Shah and her Partner Fatema Mahabaleshwarwala


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