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An Interaction with Nike’s Fitness Brand Ambassador – Kunal Rajput

We are here to make a rebel of this unfit and lazy world by giving them some super motivation. Hence, we took a small interview of a huge inspiration: Kunal Rajput – Nike’s Fitness Brand Ambassador. Scroll down to find out what his journey of fitness.

 Let us get to know you Kunal Rajput. Tell us something about yourself. Like a short and simple introduction.

Well, if you go to see by my education, I am an Electronics Engineer. I am an endorser of fitness and sports. I am associated with Nike Training Center as a Fitness Brand Ambassador. I have never loved engineering. I was always an average student.

Kunal Rajput : Fitness Brand Ambassador of Nike Training Center
Kunal Rajput : Fitness Brand Ambassador of Nike Training Center


A sneak peek into your professional life.

Currently, I absolutely love my work. I am working with Nike Training Centre which is ideally only for females. I am one of the male instructors who is responsible to instruct and train some well-known individuals like Rohan Mehra from All India Bakchod, Raveena Taurani, an aspiring actress, Kanishtha Dhankar, former Pantaloons Miss India 2011 and Priya Banerjee, an actress.

Along with coaching, I also have been travelling Delhi for a couple of championships and I am also responsible to train and expand my father’s business, which again is into fitness. He own two gyms in Mumbai named Body Line and Body Garage, where again, I train people.


Kunal Rajput with Rohan Joshi from AIB
Kunal Rajput with Rohan Joshi from AIB at Nike Training Center


Before getting into fitness, what were you into professionally?

So, while I was in the second last year of my engineering, my scores dropped down real bad. I had a drop. After completing my engineering with far from satisfactory grades as per my family and as per everybody, I was just at home because I had no clue what should I do. I was clear about one thing that I will never do electronics in my life. After 2 weeks, my mom started nagging me, like every other mother, that “What are you doing with your life?” and “Why don’t you work or take up a job?” After listening to her constantly, I just lost it and uploaded my resume on

I got two calls, one from some BPO and another one from another consulting company called ‘Universal Hunt’. I went for the interview and got selected for a Business Development profile. I was pretty good at it, as per them. My family was pretty happy because I was earning around a decent 15000 per month. So, yes, after 3 months when I came to know that 10 AM to 10 PM is not my cup of tea and never will be, I decided to resign. When I had a work about the same with my seniors, they said they’d assign me a team so that I can go and attend meetings, too. So yes, before getting into fitness, I was into Marketing.

What made you leave your previous profession and totally dedicate yourself into fitness?

Oh, this is a long story. After being promoted, my parents were very happy that within 3 months I got a promotion. But somewhere down the line, I was not at all content with my job. After work, I used to go to my father’s gym and I started training people out there. I used to majorly teach them kettle bells. Gradually, I started liking it. I started falling in love with working out. I knew that this is where my interest lies. So, while training in my own gym, we were 4 of us who decided to go to a kettle bell championship.

One was a 13 year old girl who was extremely over weight, another man who was 30 year old, me and another person with us. We ended up winning the championship with three gold and one silver medal. That is when I exactly knew what I love the most and what would I like to make my career into. So, to gain more popularity, I started recording videos of my work out routine and posting them on Instagram (subtle.strength) and Facebook (Kunal Rajput).

What motivates you to get up each day and be fit?

Drawing attention, having a good physique, seeing people being so passionate about being fit, seeing my colleagues strive hard day in and day out, my peers who are my motivation, regardless of their age and genders. I have worked out and trained people ageing from 17 years to 65 years old. Seeing such dedicated talents and individuals, I don’t need to find a motivation. It is all around me to get up and be fit.


Kunal Rajput with his team
Kunal Rajput with the people whom he coaches


How did you get associated with Nike Training Center?

That again, is a fun story. I have a friend / colleague named Urmi who works with NTC, recommended my name to Nike when they were in search of potential male trainers. So, one very fine day, I was on a lunch date and I got a call saying that it’s from Nike Training Center. I thought it might be for some reference check with regards to Urmi. I was aware that NTC is exclusively for women. But the lady on the phone said that NTC is looking for some male instructors and she has to conduct a telephonic interview right at that moment. I excused myself from the restaurant and spoke to her over the phone.

This call lasted for good 45-50 minutes. As I came inside, I apologized my date, we ate and she blocked me. She did not see me again. After that, I got an e-mail from Nike stating I have to fill up a form and attach a video of a couple of minutes speaking about myself. I did that and mailed it to them. A week passed by, two weeks passed by, no response. Then suddenly I get a call that my video has been approved by the international faculty and they’d like to call me for training.

Next morning, I had a car waiting right in front of my apartment which was supposed to drop me at Taj Lands’ End, Bandra. Day 1 was good and so was day 2. Then came the D-day where we had to train the international faculty. I was the only male candidate out there and hence I was the first one to go to conduct the training. I was completely blank. I gave my best. Post that, again weeks passed by but no response. I thought I was rejected, but I was wrong. One very fine day, I get a call saying I’ve been selected and they’d like to have me on board. After a lot of brainstorming with myself and my family, I am finally here, associated with one of the biggest fitness and sports brand as their fitness Brand Ambassador.

Who is your motivation or inspiration?

Anybody who is having the courage of taking a step ahead out of his / her comfort zone. Anyone who is willing to walk an extra mile even after being hell tired. These people are my motivation.

How has fitness helped you personally and professionally?

Fitness has literally evolved a new me. It has helped me gain confidence, good looks and of course, a few more thousands as compared to my previous profession.


Kunal flaunting his abs

Any crazy story or incident while you were training that you’d like to share with us?

Ah! The first championship of kettle bells. We were a group of 4. As I mentioned earlier about every individual, a 13 year old girl who was extremely over weight, a 30 year old man, me and another guy. I was training and motivating them, while rests of the other competitors were extremely fit. They were literally smiling at us thinking, “They’re so unfit, and how they will win the competition.” But we worked really hard for this.

The 13 year old won a gold medal, the 30 year old man won 2 silver medals, the other guy did not win but managed to hold a kettle bell for like 10 minutes and I won 2 gold medals. The expression on the people’s faces suddenly turned into a surprised and a shocked look from a smirk. That, I think is quite crazy.

Any message for the viewers of Tell Me Nothing?

Fall in love with yourself. Pick up a sport. Any sport or any form of exercise and just go all out there. Work out on yourself the most.

So, here’s a quick glance of our team interviewing THE HULK. Have a look:

Kunal Rajput with Team Tell Me Nothing's founder Nikhil Malankar and partner Shweta Shah
Kunal Rajput with Team Tell Me Nothing’s founder Nikhil Malankar and partner Shweta Shah

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