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Al Pacino’s Worst Movie!

When you hear of Al Pacino, you think of a wow factor that can exist with his presence alone. And when you add Robin Williams alongside him, you expect a sure shot entertainer for the next two or so hours. Well, that’s what I expected after seeing the credits and cast of Insomnia (2002), a Christopher Nolan film let me add. This is Al Pacino’s Worst Movie!

So the beginning of Insomnia is intense- full of suspense and the performance keeps you gripped to what’s coming next. By the force of sheer magic, you expect a what-the-fuck just happened story-line from Nolan (even though it’s a re-make of a film of the same name). But, it’s Nolan dude and he has cast Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hillary Swank side by side! Who would ever get bored, like really?


source: blu-ray

Well, bored I got. Pretty badly after the 1st half of the movie ended. The beginning was fun as I have stated before, it made you stay awake after the wee hours of midnight. But oh boy, as soon as the story progressed (to nothing) the performance deteriorated to a crazy level.

According to the movie’s name, you might get the gist of it’s story-line. The good cop (Al Pacino) travels to Alaska where it’s bright all day, 6 months of the sun. This reason along with him killing his partner by mistake in the fog turns him into an insomniac. Near the end of the film, it looks like he would die due to lack of sleep. Kudos to his performance of suffering with insomnia but the continuous exaggeration of Robin Williams and Al Pacino fighting over killing their victims by mistake gets a little too overbearing.


source: imfbd

Near the end it feels like the story and the performances are just being dragged for the sake of it and there is just no climax to calm your nerves. The continuous show of the clogging of blood vessels when Pacino is sleep hallucinating serves an amateur sense of purpose.

And how does it end? *surprise surprise* both the insomniacs die. They kill each other in the process of saving their names from being criminalized. That’s it.


source: tvbuzer

A 1.30 minutes of excitement turns into the most disappointing Al Pacino movie ever made.

High recommendation: No matter how big an Al Pacino fan you are, do not watch this one.

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