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An Interview with the Fitness Freak – Kruttik Parekh

Kruttik Parekh, a Mumbaikar is all set to set our page on fire with his above the ordinary dance skills. He is a Zumba Instructor running his own academy in South Bombay. To motivate our viewers a bit, we decided to interview a Zumba freak himself. Check out what he has to share with us.

Kruttik Parekh
Kruttik Parekh : Zumba Instructor

So, Kruttik Parekh, tell us something about yourself?

A: Well, I am a down to earth, ambitious, calm and optimistic person. I always follow the power of secret and law of attraction.

What do you do professionally?

I am into Public Relations (PR) with Edelman, which happens to be the world’s largest PR firm. I handle PR for brands such as TATA motors, Jaguar Land Rover, TITAN watches and recently handled PR for Coldplay concert happened in India. In short, I handle the reputation and management of a brand in media, in front of a customer which demands me to do a lot of press releases, launches, content management, brainstorming, campaigns and drives.

How long has it been that you are dancing?

A: Since I was 10 years old. I have been trained by Shiamak Davar (SDIPA) and I have also been a part of Ranksters Dance Academy in Dadar as an instructor. Along with that, I have also choreographed a number of sangeet, farewell, etc.

Why only Zumba as a style?

Well, I am a fitness freak. I have an urge of being fit and active. Along with Zumba, I have also been religiously practicing Kick-boxing and Yoga. Why Zumba as a style, because I have been learning dance since like forever and when a dance form helps you to be fit, what more a dancer and a fitness freak could’ve asked for? Zumba keeps me super active, fit, surrounds me with positive vibes and if we go into technicality of it, with one hour of practicing Zumba, I burn around 550 calories. So, why not Zumba!

Zumba now is quite famous as a dance style. Can you elaborate more about it in detail?

Sure. Zumba is a Latin based dance form, growing in India. People have started opting over any other dance style or any other form of exercise. It is considered as a high intense cardio exercise.

What are the benefits of Zumba?

There are so many benefits of Zumba that I can go on and on. To list a few:

  • Acts as a stress buster
  • Helps maintain blood pressure under control
  • Helps keeping the joints stronger
  • Helps burn the visceral fat (the interior stubborn fat of our belly)
  • Acts as a body relaxation tool
  • You feel positive
  • You gain confidence
  • Helps improves your posture
  • It is also a spine exercise
  • Help gain stamina
  • Makes you more flexible
  • Improves Endurance.


How has Zumba helped you?

Honestly speaking, Zumba has changes my life only for good. It has transformed into a more self-confident person. I had belly fat, which has reduced due to Zumba and right sort of diet. Seeing it work on me exponentially well, it gave me some motivation to transform a few friends and clients into a better physical person. It has made my bones and joints stronger and undoubtedly, increased my stamina and flexibility to another level.

Kruttik Parekh with his Zumba class
Kruttik Parekh with his Zumba class


Tell us something about the way you teach and a rapport that you share with your students?

I connect with my clients very well by interacting and motivating them a lot. I always urge to go beyond their limits. I don’t only teach them the steps practically, but also share more theoretical knowledge about Zumba. My clients love the comfort level that we all share. It’s more like a family and not just a class. They look forward to every class of mine, now.



Are you planning to take Zumba as a profession?

No. Dancing is my passion and it will always will be. I’m not here to earn money in Zumba. I’m here to promote fitness and motivate people to get their asses off their desk and chairs at their work, get rid of their techy lifestyle and feel healthy about themselves. I am a fitness freak, personally. And that is what I am here to share the same passion with the world. I also teach Zumba to my colleagues at work for free, just because I love it and now, they have also fallen in love with Zumba.

Any message for the viewers of Tell Me Nothing?

Invest in your body. The money you’re running after right now, make sure you invest it into any form of exercise and not in the costliest hospital a couple of years down the line. Keep on improving yourself, set a goal daily, work on it and most importantly, fall in love with yourself, daily.

So, one of the partners of Tell Me Nothing had personally met Kruttik to conduct this interview. Here’s a glance of the fun time they had.

Kruttik Parekh with Tell Me Nothing's Partner Shweta Shah
Kruttik Parekh with Tell Me Nothing’s Partner Shweta Shah

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