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Zaira Wasim: An Unnecessary ‘Dangal’

There was a time when mainstream media actually used to make sense. And today? Well, a cat hanging on a tree is national news! No wonder the actress who gave a smashing hit performance in Dangal, Zaira Wasim, received a lot of flak from media for something that was literally blown out of proportion for no reason at all.

What happened?

Apparently the Dangal actress met Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti at Raj Bhavan in Jammu on Saturday and in a matter of a few hours she was termed as a traitor to the nation. Suddenly she was called names and even received a lot of hatred for her performance being “unislamic”. She felt so bad that she broke down on social media and posted a series of apologies.

Zaira Wasim

Image Source: Hindustan Times

Well well, people really are stupid, aren’t they? This incident serves as an example for us how today’s media is blowing things way out of proportion to an extent that it breaks down an individual over an issue that was supposedly almost not supposed to be turned into a huge ruckus like this!

Support for Zaira Wasim

However, there is still some faith in humanity left that has been restored by many notable people in the industry including Aamir Khan who came out and spoke in support of Zaira. She was also supported by the character of the girl she portrayed on screen in Dangal, Geeta Phogat.

Here’s what Geeta Phogat said in her tweet:


Even Gautam Gambhir supported her through his tweets:

These supportive comments for Zaira restore our faith in humanity. But unfortunately, such stupidity will still arise again because as Albert Einstein says, “Two things are infinite. The Universe and human stupidity. And I’m not so sure about the Universe”. That’s it for this post. Let us know through your comments what you feel about this incident and let’s give this girl all our love and support.

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