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What Drives People To Kill Themselves

Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide. Jiah Khan committed suicide. Robin Williams committed suicide. Hundreds of farmers commit suicide each month.

WHY? What drives people to kill themselves? When we were young teenagers and liked aping the trendsetters, we would say, ‘God how do people just end their lives dude? They are cowards, weak minded people who just cannot face life with a brave face’.

As we keep growing we learn quite a lot of things, especially after facing the hardships of this tornado called ‘life’. And let me share a fact with you.


None of us are what you call ‘brave’. During every teenager’s phase they have these suicidal tendencies for low marks, peer pressure, wayward decisions and what not. Some teenagers carry these tendencies into their adulthood and end their lives soon after. Some end it even before that.

Farmers end their lives because they are fuckin’ starving. They are not COWARDS. They are the most hard-working people in the entire world, they toil in the harsh sun to grow these crops that are ‘food’ for us. You don’t get thelas filled with vegetables and fruits out of nowhere. Sure, God has given us forests of fruits but well, how many of those forests are actually left? So these farmers are our Gods who toil from dusk to dawn to feed us while they continue to starve. How and why do they starve? The system is surely fucked up. Thus, everyone’s mind is.

Coming to the celebrities who end their lives due to their boyfriends as the media puts it, how in the friggin’ world do you know what drove them to end their lives? Do you know their life history, the struggles they face or the mammoth pressure that is on their head each moment of their lives? THEY WEREN’T COWARDS OR BIMBOS who killed themselves for a boy. By the way, have you ever been in love?Shakespeare and Hemingway are not living till now for no reason, this drug called love is not easy to live with especially when it’s not a garden filled with just roses.

It’s a hard life for all of us. Each day we are surrounded with assignments to do, presentations to make, companies to run. The stress is immeasurable and everyone cannot FAKE the stress-free smile for too long. Yes, we all wear masks to blend in with the society and the way the society is portrayed sometimes builds these gigantic notions of ‘external appearances and behavior and skills we must have’. Many of us give up on many nights and feel like just running away somewhere far away.

Some really execute that wish and literally take themselves far far away while some go under depression while some rise and shine with the movement of the sun. It’s just different for the different moods of all the people. One person can’t rise and shine with a shiny schoolboy face each day, some days get too brutal to handle while some days are filled with many rays of hope.

It’s like a constant loop and sometimes some of us get stuck in one phase of the loop and take the road not taken by all and kill ourselves. Now this decision is plain sad, it makes the people who are still living cry and get depressed themselves. But we don’t have the fuckin’ right to say anything to the person who ended her/his life.

She got stuck in this loop of life, in the brutal phase of her loop and all her energy just blew off into thin air and in that moment when she was the most vulnerable and helpless she took the road which ended all her misery..

NO, this person who ended her life isn’t a coward. She is you, she is me, she is us. Any moment anything can happen and this thought can cross your mind as well. And when it does, please speak to someone, speak to me, speak to your friend. Just, just don’t go so far away. Because in the end there are many many people who love you for WHAT YOU ARE and how you shine their lives with your presence.

Zoya Seth
Zoya is one of the founding pillars of TMN and is also working on her own site "Gigareel" where she writes about movies and TV series.

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