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Rakhi Sawant: Stop Kidding

Post Rakhi Sawant’s suggestion of banning ceiling fans as it is the most used tool for suicide, she has set yet another niche for herself which proves that she is a no-brainer. Well, we are not really surprised by her comment as it was expected. She is competing herself in the area of dumbness and this is another victory for her. Let’s take a look at some hilarious memes on Rakhi Sawant and relate to see how her statement justifies them.


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1) The ohh Please!!! moment (for us, ofcourse)


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2) Overconfidence or Ignorance??


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3) Okay, so here she knew her flaws.


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Well, Rakhi we hope that you get well soon, and think before you talk, because we are really done laughing at your jokes and you are not a great comedian.


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