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5 Enrique Iglesias songs of all times

Enrique release his album in 1995 and since then is the most loved artist. His songs make you fall in love with him. Below mentioned are 5 Enrique Iglesias songs which are most loved.

1) Addicted:

This song is so good that you will get addicted to it.

2) Hero:

Each and every time he says “I can be your hero baby”, all we wanna say is please be.

3) Somebody’s Me:

Had a heartbreak? Listen to this track, you will love him.

4) Finally Found You:

This song makes you feel that you have really found someone.

5) Rhythm Divine:

If you have to dance with someone like him, you will definitely feel the rhythm to be divine.

These songs i bet will make you all revive your memories. Liked our content, share and subscribe for more such amazing content. 🙂

Ratika Mishra
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