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Shakeef Khan: The Entrepreneur Who Overcame His Speech Disorder

We are starting this category “Awesome People” wherein we will be interviewing folks who have achieved something remarkable in their fields. In this post we have Founder & CEO of and Serial Entrepreneur, Mr. Shakeef Khan. He is also a motivational speaker and has spoken at many events. Shakeef is an Entrepreneur with a truly inspiring and motivating story to tell. We got a chance to talk with Shakeef for this interview and we feel that after reading this interview you will be motivated to overcome any failures in your life.

Tell us about yourself

I started working on a sales job at 18 to get rid of my stutter. It took me 4 years to gain confidence and overcome stage fright. I am currently working on my 3rd startup. Got exit from one in software though it wasn’t that big. My 2nd startup Yute is now in joint venture with a known brand in Delhi. Working on Classhopr to help people stay enthusiastic in their life

Shakeef Khan

That’s great. You’ve got a pretty inspiring story to tell here. So, about your stutter problem. What were the challenges you faced while working on it?

I was bullied a lot in my school days. I had that in my subconscious mind that I am not one among them, I stayed with that thought which was the reason for my under performance and I never crossed 45% in my entire schooling career.

Any particular incident that you would remember which determined you to overcome this problem?

Yes. I was denied to write for an exam in my boards. And 120 other were allowed from which a few were worse performers than me. Out of 120 students I was the only one not given admit card so that hit me, as my mom had to convince my professor. I anyhow managed to perform in the last 15 days and scored 69%, 78% being the highest of entire school. That led me to believe that I am one among them and if they can I too can.

Also, you met Hritik Roshan in between right? What was that about?

Yeah, so Emami team selected 10 people pan india who have overcome their fear. They selected me from the Entrepreneurship background.

Shakeef Khan

Hritik Roshan personally said, “I am proud of you Shakeef”. How was that experience like?

Yeah it was great. We happened to interact with Hrithik and ask him questions about his journey. I have also been helping few people after my day job who are coping with a similar problem so the speaker told Hrithik about this and he said ‘I’m quite inspired by you & proud of you Shakeef’.


So, looking back what do you think about your experiences? In a broader perspective, do you think it is important for us to go through struggles in order to test our abilities to overcome them?

Struggle is not the right word I think. Yes hardships are something that exist in everyone’s life. If you have many then you should be proud of it because that will make you more stronger in future and one should never treat it as something  bad. Its an opportunity to grow and come out of your comfort zone. I think we are in an age where people will be coping up with more and more depression with different adversities in life. The only thing one should remember is your purpose in life and for the ones who haven’t yet got any purpose then you should find one and work for it.

That will make it more easy to position and overcome depression or any shortfall,  it has really helped me

And that’s Shakeef Khan for you folks. An individual who has overcome his fears and living the life 🙂 We hope this interview motivates you to overcome your failures as well as come out on top of any situation or problem you are facing.

Nikhil Malankar
Nikhil is the founder of Tell Me Nothing and has a huge interest in making and playing games. He is also into game development and has written a published book on the same.

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