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Why Marrying Your Work Will Be The Best Marriage Ever

Work is worship. We all know that. The days of pati vritta patni and patni vritta patni are long past gone. It’s more of a healthy, ambitious living we all aspire for. The most successful people around you are the ones who get married, not to a human but to an idea. An idea that they work with day and night, an idea that sleeps with them and wakes up with them. An idea that accompanies them even in the sacred bathroom. Who wouldn’t call that the best marriage ever!

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Now what makes me go to this extreme level of telling you to go ahead and marry your work. We all know that people who spend long hours in office and are famously called workaholics are unable to sustain a real marriage. They get divorced, have frequent fights with their spouse and face a whole lot of misery in their personal life.

Now these workaholics might be these bunch of people who get so obsessed with their work that they forget all the people living around them. That’s a big no no for my point here.

Marrying your work is more of marrying your dream, your ambition to such a beautiful level that all the people around you can’t help but fall in love with your aim as well. A person who marries an idea created by him would not have difficulty in sustaining a real marriage as the spouse would love him for the very reason they fell in love.

The undying energy, the confidence and the zeal to excel each moment of your life by marrying your work will simultaneously lead to a plethora of happy moments in your real marriage as well.

THUS, follow the wise new saying and get married to your ambition RIGHT NOW!


Zoya Seth
Zoya is one of the founding pillars of TMN and is also working on her own site "Gigareel" where she writes about movies and TV series.

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