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5 Amazing Blogs To Follow

If you are looking for blogs to follow, then here we have compiled a list of 5 blogs to follow, have a look:


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1) Fit Bottomed Girls:


This is an amazing blog for fitness. Exercising is must and this blog focuses on it. The link to this blog is here :

2) Naturally Ella:



This is a food blog, interesting vegetarian food recipes are presented in an outstanding manner, follow the link to follow this blog: . Now, we don’t have anything against other kinds of food (Non Vegetarian, continental, vegan etc.) we just want this post to be short 🙂

3) Mentality Wod:


This is a health and Happiness blog, it focuses on Mental health with equal priority. A must Follow:

4) Nomadic Matt:


If you love travelling, this blog is for you. You can thank us later:

5) Tell Me Nothing:


Now, this is the place where you get all types of good content, don’t miss it like, share and subscribe. 🙂 😉

Reading is a good exercise and now, through digital media we have the opportunity to read varied content. Blogs are one such place for writers as well as readers. Follow the links above to read amazing content. 🙂

Ratika Mishra
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