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Permanent Roommates: Here’s All What’s Wrong With Season 2

Permanent Roommates Season2 is here and the audience is not very satisfied with it. Be it Mrs. Khatri or Dadaji all seem to be failing in luring the audience. The reaction of people is not as expected and here’s why?

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The first season featured an irritating boyfriend who wanted to marry his girl, but the girl wasn’t ready. The chase and fights made it hilarious. A stupid broker and an over the top roomie’s boyfriend served as antiques. In the second season this all has changed. The season is trying to focus on important things like a widowed father getting married to his love without worrying about what society has to say. It also took a shot at showing how irrelevant wedding ceremonies are with the unrequited pomp and show for a bunch of 500 strangers.

So, whats wrong with it? It is featuring all the concerns prevalent in our society in light humor. Why is the audience not happy? Why do they keep commenting on how irrelevant the show has become. Is it really the show or is it our expectations? Don’t you think we as an audience we should not just stick to one forte and be a bit more open to what the writer is trying to tell.

Isn’t this the reason why we have movies like Happy New Year and torturous daily soaps? Why cant we see logic in shows or movies? Humor is present but in satirical form, only if we understand it. In my opinion its the audience’s expectations which are leading to disappointment and not the season.

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