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These 5 Songs Will Make You Fall In Love: The Feeling

Songs have always played a vital role in most of our lives, if you are in Love then, God Help You. For those who aren’t in love, these 5 songs will make you fall in love with the feeling itself. Their Lyrics will make you go crazy and do the needful.

1. Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jaana Sanam

It is from the king of love SRK, the words and music makes it adorable. To add to its beauty, this song has been sung by Kumar Sanu and Lata Mangeshkar. while listening to this song you often get the feeling “Ohhh… Love is in the air, can feel it.”

2. Tum Ho

This one from Rockstar in the melodious voices of Mohit Chauhan and Suzanne D’ Mello, touches your heart at the right places. “Jitna Mehsoos Karoon Tumko, Utna hi Paa Bhi Loon” it’s lyrics and music is the soul of this song.

3. Tu Hai Ke Nahi

The whistle in this song itself creates magic for me. Ankit Tiwari mesmerizes you to the core. Plug in your earphones raise the volume and close your eyes and you can surely feel the Love.

4. Tum Se Hi

Yes, this one is again from Mohit Chauhan. Lyrics, music, video all make this song a lovable one and to add to its beauty more we have Kareena Kapoor dancing in rain. Can we ask for anything more. I am already in love <3.

5. Main Yahaan Hoon

We started with the king and we end with him. “Dekhti ho mujhe, Dekhti ho jahan…” and his leather jacket look in the rain takes our hearts away and we miss a beat.

I am already in bliss now and really cannot add any more songs to this list or else i will travel to the world of dreams now. I am sure, there are many more songs which can make you love the feeling itself, but for now these are enough.

Ratika Mishra
Ratika is a big fan of SRK and is also an extremely talented writer who has been a writer with us since the inception of this site

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