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5 Types/Places of Selfies Which Should Stop IMMEDIATELY

Nowadays, if we have to check our looks, we don’t find a mirror, we click a Selfie. That’s good, one can always appreciate one’s own beauty, but at times, the places and types of Selfies just don’t fit in. There are times when you look at a selfie and feel, Why do they do this?

However, we promote individual choices (My Life, My Choice), But we do feel the need of letting people know that they can do better than this. So here is a list of 5 places/types of selfies which should STOP immediately.

1. The Gym Selfie


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Now, do you go there for a workout or Selfie? We don’t have the particular knack of seeing sweaty people, you see.

2. The Washroom Selfie


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Who does that? You go there to pee right? And okay you just wanted to make sure that even after all those mirrors around, your phone’s camera is able to capture your beauty or not, but, Washroom? Seriously? And you upload it too, please Stop It!

3. The Duck Face Selfie


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I know it was a trend, but we have really seen many many Duck Faces, and we are really not interested anymore. Be Creative, Do something else, pout, a big NO. In Case you forgot, here’s a gentle reminder, You are a Human Being 😉

4. The Cliff Side Selfie


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I don’t want to preach you and tell how dangerous it could be, but yes, please stop. You don’t want to die taking a selfie.

5. Marriage Selfies

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It starts with your ring ceremony, includes your marriage and honeymoon and ends only after you upload your toddler’s selfie. And then when he grows up the same scenario is repeated. STOP IT guys, we cannot take it anymore. Its your marriage enjoy it, we don’t want your selfies, and if you cant see, you hired a cameraman for doing that job.

I hope, you now know, where you ain’t click a selfie. Life is so much more than just Selfies.

Ratika Mishra
Ratika is a big fan of SRK and is also an extremely talented writer who has been a writer with us since the inception of this site

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