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5 TV Series And Movie Experts On YouTube You Must Subscribe

Do you watch a lot of movies or TV series? Can you not get enough of them already? Do you want to know why certain things happened the way they did? Well, you need to turn to and subscribe to these channels right away to get every piece of info you can on your favourite movies and TV series. Here’s a list of Top 5 TV series and movie experts on YouTube you should subscribe right away:

1. Emergency Awesome

TV Series And Movie Experts On YouTube

With over 1 million subscribers and growing, Emergency Awesome is the channel where you get in depth analysis of every episode of Charlie Schneider’s favourite TV shows. They include: Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, The Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, Walking Dead and so much more! Charlie’s simple narration and knowledge of comics makes it even more fun and engrossing to watch his analysis videos of the latest episode of some of the most popular ongoing TV shows. He even goes on to explain the comic book roots of characters in the TV series episodes that he makes. If you are a TV series addict then this is one channel that you definitely cannot afford to miss!

2. JaeRoar

TV Series And Movie Experts On YouTube

JaeRoar is another passionate comic book enthusiast and one of the bests at what he does. He has got a humble 130k subscribers as of this writing but his fan base is slowly increasing because of the quality of content he offers. His raw passion for comics and TV series reflects in the way he makes his videos as he provides real value to his fans along with an honest and from his heart opinion regarding what he feels. He also does reaction videos for TV series which are quite fun to watch. JaeRoar is your man who gives you that One Two Punch! If you are a DC Comics fan then you should hit the subscribe button below right away.

3. Jeremy Jahns

TV Series And Movie Experts On YouTube

Jeremy Jahns is popular for his outlandish behavior in reviewing movies and at times TV series. He does’t do per episode analysis as such. Jeremy reviews series as a whole. However, even in his outlandish style he covers up amazing detail about the stuff that he reviews. If you are getting bored then Jeremy Jahns is one channel you definitely can’t miss. Still not convinced? Well, 1 million people are already subscribed to his channel. So, hit the subscribe button to his channel and never get bored again!

4. Toma Puck

TV Series And Movie Experts On YouTube

Toma Puck makes reaction videos to Bollywood movies. His reactions are quite genuine because he is someone who doesn’t understand the language in which Bollywood movies are made but still tries to analyse them with the help of English subtitles. His language and reaction style to videos is so simple and it instantly relates with the viewer. If you observe, his video quality isn’t that professional but his videos look decent and have their own uniqueness to them. He tries to convey his understanding of the Bollywood movie trailers or scenes that he has watched and let me tell you, watching him is a ton of fun because of his down to Earth nature and honest reactions. As of this writing he has only 23k subscribers but this is one channel which has the potential of growing really huge. So, hit the subscribe button below right away.

5. Jaby Koay

TV Series And Movie Experts On YouTube

Jaby Koay is another reaction YouTuber who provides amazing reactions along with his buddies or sometimes in collaboration with other fellow YouTubers. He gives reactions to a mixed variety of trailers which include Hollywood, Bollywood and sometimes even Kollywood movies. It is a lot of fun to watch his videos because he watches trailers twice, once without subtitles and second time with subtitles. The fun part with his format of videos is that in the first take you get his genuine reaction for the trailer since he’s foreign to the language and next time when he watches it with subtitles that time he comes to know exactly what the trailer was about. He has got over 95k subscribers as of this writing and will easily cross the 100k mark very soon looking at his growing popularity.

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