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India Vs Australia: Mitchell Johnson against Virat Kohli

It comes as no big surprise that Mitchell Johnson would make a statement against Virat Kohli ahead of the India Vs Australia match. This isn’t the first time that their personal dislike of each other has surfaced. This time Mitchell Johnson took it on Twitter. Here’s the tweet:


Soon after this tweet Mitchell was bombarded with replies from Indian fans supporting Virat Kohli. Here’s one such tweet in support of Virat Kohli from a fan:


India Vs Australia

Also, this video shows the start of Mitchel Johnson vs Virat Kohli which started back in 2014. Take a look:

So, here it is. Ahead of India’s match against Australia, Mitchell Johnson takes a dig at Virat Kohli. We Indians just hope that Virat Kohli gives this man a prompt reply with his performance in the match today. We stand with you Virat Kohli! Like our facebook page to stay updated with more.

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