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Gujarat: ‘Bride’ COW Wears Gold Jewellery, Red Saree For Her Wedding Of 18 Lakhs

Agreed, India has its unique set of principles and traditions that are followed by a huge chunk of people. It’s filled with various shades of VIBGYOR with some being too ‘red’ in their traditions while some wearing the color blue in following the age-old beliefs or whatever they are.

The recent news of a cow getting married to a bull still comes as a surprise to people like us and what sets this surprise a little higher is the kind of money spent on such weddings. 18 Lakhs! 18 lakhs was spent in preparing for this lavish wedding for the cow called Poonam and the bull named Arjun.

What message were they trying to spread?


Oh, that’s so thoughtful and smart. By getting a cow dressed up in gold and shimmers while the bull dons a white cloth, the people of Bhavnagar Kotiya village in Gujarat were spreading this message of peace. More than 300 guests, including Poonam’s relatives were invited. Poonam’s relatives! Well, that must have been quite a Madagascar wedding.

Why don’t you see the video and be preached about the amazing message?

18 Lakhs spent on cow and bull weddings while 18 seconds to kill a man for eating beef. Awesome India, Incredible India.

Zoya Seth
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