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‘7:02 Ki Jalat Local’: A Fun Read For All Mumbaikars

“The train arriving on Platform number 2 is fast train to Churchgate. It will not halt from Andheri to Bandra… Blah..” same old announcements. Though that day it was a new experience as my first class pass had expired.

Traveling to kharghar has lately been a tiring experience, changing three trains,walking almost 100 stairs and traveling in harbour line has definitely given my sense of nose vivid experience and whole new experience of darkness! Like in literal meaning!

Well the fine day of second class traveling after a long march of first class traveling definately gives you a feeling,that feeling is being isolated in whole compartment. I stepped into 7:02 jalat local and tried grabbing a seat. My luck was good enough to shower me with the forth seat after lot of melodramatic looks of the other three commuters. The look was more like they had a bad last night and I just broke their wild dreams. Well within seconds I realize the compartment has its own music, music which had smell and different languages.

Music was of woman at work and work taking control of things! Like train was a place where women had come from different stations, different caste yet formed an union. The union of women empowerment, their trials and tribulations and what a peek a boo it was to their lives, life of struggle, agony with a molar to molar smile. One corner found a woman dressed in Gujarati styled saree speaking Marathi with much fluency and selling Indian ethic wear and other side a women in gray hair in her fifties sharing the food recipe from her kitchen.

What a mini world,world of woman entrepreneurs. Gosh this crisp of power had driven my sleep off with obviously smell of various food from their tiffin which my mouth droll saliva from! Lucky me my station arrived and I had to leave for my train number 2,just this time a little change happened. The change was mindset that was when woman says ‘aata mazi satkli’ it does mean backoff all those dumb idiots who believe woman can just make a round chapati, well they can definitely make the round go rectangle enough to fill their stomach.

So next time when you enter a ladies compartment do find the small stories of those entrepreneurs who have a smile with those sweet tears of struggles.

Niddhi Bajaj
Niddhi is a dentist by profession and she loves to travel. She's a cheerful person and loves to live life to the fullest!

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