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6 Books That Will Motivate You Beyond Your Imagination

In this fast paced world, we keep running so much according to what is set for us by the society that we forget to live the way we had planned. Isn’t that everybody’s story? Our motivation seems to be running more for our salary’s due date rather than something more vast and pristine.

In case you have got all jumbled up about your source of motivation or if you have started getting too disheartened to cope up with life’s reality, read these books and you will feel as fresh as the kid you were!

How To Stop Worrying and Start Living- Dale Carnegie


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Worry and stress are widespread diseases nowadays. Each one of us encounter worry at some point of the day because of the extreme pace we live in. Well, all you need to do is grab this book and read it with all the hunger and energy that you are made of. It will ‘literally’ help you get rid of all your worries, well, of course the book won’t. You need to apply all the magic formulas that it will enlighten you with. And the formulas actually work. You will be motivated every moment of the day with this Bible of a book written by Mr Carnegie.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari- Robin Sharma


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A universal favorite, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a book that all kinds of people go back to when they get consumed with the material life. Not a cliched story of abstaining from pleasures of wealth etc, it is more of a book which liberates you from the deepest level of your soul. A real story of a guy who found peace in the little things that are so pure and free. It teaches the principle of working but also ‘living’ each day of that life.

Surely a fountain of motivation!

Who Moved My Cheese?- Spencer Johnson


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This book is for everyone. Young and old, serious and fun. As all of us keep going through unforeseen changes in life, we need to be prepared and handle it the best we can. Especially in the growing years, there is no way to be prepared for the flood of emotions and change that you will have to face. The change in the life of two mice who play as metaphors to people makes the book fun to read and lends a high level of productive thinking in your life.

 Tell Tale Brain- V. S. Ramachandran

tell tale brain

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Books that make you see the world as something bigger and wider than just a routine of waking up and surviving are great motivation assets.Written by a neuroscientist, it is read by many Psychology students though the style and tone of the book is made especially for a layman. It lets you see the world objectively and develops this understanding in you of the immense power and capability a human is born with. Facts on how humans are unique and have so many special abilities to do WHATEVER they want will motivate you forever and ever.

How To Win Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie


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This author has been helping millions of people even after his death. His books are so good that you can turn and twist them to suit whichever generation you reach. This book was specifically written by him because of this huge gap in people of understanding the importance of ‘good’ communication. Anyone can talk and present ‘his’ point of view. But how many can understand both sides and come up with a solution that makes him loved by everyone that he encounters?

This book makes sure each person you meet falls in love with you, why would you ever be de-motivated after that?

Dalai Lama’s Cat- David Michie


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The book is written through the eyes and mind of the Holiness Dalai Lama’s cat. Imagine a soul who lives with Dalai Lama during each moment. His Holiness is not called the most peaceful man just because tradition has made it so, his teachings, his thoughts and his mode of living is followed by all types of people scattered all over the world. This book will impart the most calm level of peace in your soul, oushing away all bad thoughts that dishearten you.

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