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The Most Hilarious Pictures Of India Vs Bangladesh World T20

The India V Bangladesh World T20 match has got to be one of the most tensed ones in the entire history of cricket. There might be matches that had more feelings of nail biting apprehension in them but it is imperative to talk about the latest India V Bangladesh right now.

It was not only fun to watch. It really proved Captain Cool Dhoni’s swag skills, even though we had all but given up on winning towards the end. They kept letting the Bangladeshis makes fours and sixes and missed such easy catches that it surely looked like a match fixed. Though what Cool Dhoni did in the end has got to be telecasted on repeat for some days!



Bangla’s Cheetah is all confident about winning the match, 11 runs in 6 balls. The grass seems greener for the yellow beast.


Shahrukh tries to steal the limelight from the yellow Cheetah of our Bangladeshi neighbors but fails miserably.

Coming to the main moment which made the match go viral, let’s replay it all through long shot and close shot images followed by funny tweets of mango people 😀

LAST BALL. 2 RUNS. WHAT WILL HAPPEN, Oh all the families in each house are extremely tensed.


Well, we won! The reactions which followed are priceless. Yuvraj is surely going to tear his jaw right there :O


A Perfect summary of the MAN WHO MADE INDIA WIN! 


The funniest troll found on Twitter

Team awaits the Umpire’s decision aaaand, just LOOK at Cool Dhoni’s swag right below!


Close-up swag shot!


Poor Cheetah has turned into a cranky cat :'( 😛


The Tweets are TOO COOOOOOL! We are rolling on the floor laughing haha!


The National Victorious Elation!

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