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5 SRK Movies Which Will Make You Fall In Love With Him Again

Shah Rukh Khan’s each movie is loved by his true fan, but if you aren’t one among those watch these 5 SRK movies from the past to fall in love with him again.

1. Darr


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In this movie SRK played an antihero and excelled in his performance. The story wouldn’t have turned so well, if it wasnt SRK playing the role so well.



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The role of Raj was earlier offered to Saif and we are so thankful he turned it down. We cannot imagine anyone else playing the role with the innocence and honesty of SRK. Can you imagine anyone else saying “Saale buddhe ki yaaddasht boht tez hai”, the way SRK said it?? Nopessss. Oh and not to forget, this movie is one of the longest running movies to be screened at theatres!

3. Kal Ho Naa Ho


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Admit it we all have laughed, loved and cried at the end of this movie. It has taken us through a myriad of emotions and we happily went through it because of SRK. Be it “6 din ladki in” or the “Hanso, Jiyo, Muskuraao, kya pata….” each dialoug had his commandment.

4. Swades


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No patriotic movie can ever replace this one. The movie and SRK both were made for each other. Also one of the finest SRK movies ever.

5. Chak De India


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The Story line – Perfect, The Direction – Perfect and The Coach – PERFECT. This movie makes you feel that you are on that playground, playing for India.

To all his fans, i know you will watch atleast one of these SRK¬†movies listed on this list, as that’s the kind of love we have for him. And to those who say SRK is just a romantic hero, get your facts checked, and watch any or all of his movies. If you like this post then don’t forget to check out our other post which explains why SRK’s next movie “FAN” is going to be an epic blockbuster. And also, don’t forget to like our facebook page to stay updated with more awesome content like this!

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