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10 Things That Prove Your Bestie Is Your Soul Sister

We all have that one friend whom we call our constant according to today’s language. My ‘constant’, my ‘lifeline’. Not throwing any sarcasm here, I am talking about that friend for whom  you really mean these very words. She holds a very special place in your heart and you guys can’t help but wonder as to why weren’t you born in the same family!

If you do all these things ‘ONLY’ with your bestie, then you guys are probably the strongest soul sisters ever!

Feel REALLY happy mostly with each other

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You guys are soul sisters if you guys are like these pair of leeches who can’t stay away from each other. Keeping the obsessive lesbian factor aside, you guys have so many views in common and get each other’s jokes with just a blink and you just cannot re-create this bond with anyone else. You guys are happy even when you do nothing, just sitting and watching or reading your respective shows also keeps you happy. You guys are like little kids with each other.

Shop like a pair of maniacs


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See, shopping is a sensitive territory. There are specific people marked to go with you because you can’t go shopping with just anyone. And out of all the people you know, you and your bestie’s shopping escapades surpass any other you would have had. You guys can go crazy shopping even without a high budget. You just develop this eagle eye multiplied into 4 cuz’ you both literally go crazy looking out for items for yourself as well as each other.

Can blabber on the phone for hours


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When you guys are away on a home vacation or something, you guys will always keep calling each other even when there is nothing to talk as such. You would continue yapping about things that you have already laughed over a million times already and would feel hilarious at your quality of re-enjoying the same stories again and again. Your parents would be like ‘even I know this story by heart now’.

Only you two can get your super silly jokes


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There is this sense of humor that you can’t share with anyone else, well, you would like to but none would get your puns. Thus, you might face incidents of people looking at you and wondering what the deuce are you two continuously laughing about. And the funniest part would be you guys would not know the reason as well.

*Soul sisters right there*

You are totally real with each other


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Firstly, leaving the fights aside, you guys can just call each other anything you feel like and there can be no scope of ‘getting offended’. You just know the right time for doing everything, in case one of you is in a bad mood the other one just happens to know when to shutup and when to continue yapping like a clown.

You are ‘your true self’ with each other


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This point is like the King of all! It’s creepy actually. When you guys would go out together you both would be like this blast of energy being the party’s front runner. But when you guys are away and are forced to interact with a new gang by yourselves, you can’t stop texting each other over the headache these new people are developing in your skulls.

Uncensored shameless with each other

Two Funny Women Friends Laughing And Sharing Media In A Smart Ph

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 From boyfriend bed stories to the new bra you bought, you guys can go into nitty-gritties of each and everything. And each one of you would make grossed out faces listening to the other’s stories but that would not stop you. You guys can go on and on and record a flowery Mills and Boons book while telling each other your sexual rendezvous.

Can cry with each other


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There are times that are too hard to cope with. Rent issues, the being broke phases and the endless things that can make a human depressed. But as long as you are with each other your level of anxiousness stays to a minimum low. Just knowing that you have such a huge support system lets you blow off some steam first in the form of a thunderstorm of tears followed by a treat given by both of you to each other.

The money just re-generates somehow when you stop taking tension.

Dream of getting married in the same house


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This has got to be the most discussed topic by you guys. Hey, let’s find two rich brothers and get married on the same day in the same place! Even when all the possibilities evaporate you still have that hope that one day you would live in the same house with your husbands and be Godmothers of your respective babies.

Tell me if I’m wrong!

Dread the day when you guys would have to grow up


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This point can be called the most painful. You have been friends since forever and have spent most of your life’s time acting like a pair of care-free maniacs. But, deep in your hearts you know one day you would have to grow up, dig your head in your career or just be thrown into this jumbled mess called life’s age happenings. You pray to God each day to make you both land in the same city in the end, so that you can stay yourself forever.

If all these pointers apply to you and your bestie, share and tag her on this article and re-live the feeling of nostalgia 🙂




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