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Immortal Love

2016, has been flooded with break-ups and divorces, which has led me to think that: Should loving someone be confined to the physical presence of the ones in love? Love, shall stay with or without the people being together. Love should be immortal. Let’s read this short story and find out how the love stays regardless of the situations. If you like/dislike the story let us know in the comments section below, also subscribe to our site for more fun filled content.

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The Story:

“But you promised.” I have promised many things to many people, they are important for our future, our financial security. It is the need of this hour. This meeting, it’s urgent, as soon as I finish it, I will come home sweety and we will have dinner together. You know how much I love you, I am doing this for us, each day I am striving to make it better. Trust me darling I have to go. After such a long explanation presented she cannot persist on him staying back. She smiled and said I love you too, just be back as soon as possible.

They both were in love with each other from a very long time. They never needed words to express their love, it was visible not only to them, but the world around. The way he looked in her deep brown eyes made the universe envy its gravitational pull. They both communicated with expressions. No words needed, their silence was the most beautiful form of expression of their love. The tranquility of their love, could silent the most horrendous waves and the most terrific wind. They were supposed to be together and so they were.
But, as they say change is the only constant and each and everything has an expiry date and so does love. Although, she didn’t realize when and how it happened, how she became a second priority and everything else became the top one in his list. Even he was unaware of how he fell out of love. She often thought maybe it was when he stopped looking in her eyes or when he stopped holding her hand while sitting beside a lake. It happened gradually and then all at once. But, he was a coward in telling her the truth. Maybe, because he knew the damage this can make on her. He failed to realize that this act of faking love is doing more damage than the truth will ever do. She believed and kept believing him until the disaster happened.

She was pregnant, it was a disaster because when two people are not in love, they can never teach the third person the most important emotion love. She decided to break the news. That evening when he returned, their was the same old spark in his eyes, they were glittering with joy, as if he has found a hidden treasure. He looked at her and he knew how to mend the broken things. The happiness was evident. They both knew they had to talk. The way he looked at her she knew she will have to speak and so she did. She demanded a divorce. He looked at her and kept mum, then he presented her with the signed papers, after all they were always on the same wavelength. She told him that he was about to be a father and so they agreed upon preaching their child how beautiful love is. They never stopped believing in it because of the beauty of love they experienced. They knew the length didn’t matter it’s the purity that does. He held her as he always did she reciprocated as she always did. They knew their can be no one other than them for each other and they bidded their final goodbyes.


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