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You Will NEVER Leave Your Job If You Work Here!

Who doesn’t like working in a space that is built by a creative genius? Buildings which are like ghostly structures with the required furniture and desktops might be enough to get the work done but offices that are made to activate the creative brain cells of their employees follow a different dimension altogether.

With the rise in the number of start-ups and their enviable interiors, there is a never-ending line of people dying to join this culture. And why wouldn’t they? The lifestyle is so stress-free, the casual attire lets you be yourself and the interior makes you get stuck to your seat beyond office timings. Take a look at the cool offices of some crazy start-ups.


From the choice of lights to the wall art, to that bicycle right below, everything is set to make the employees feel relaxed and high on creative energy.


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If you are addicted to natural surroundings or love being around Mother Nature, then you should probably work at Helpchat. The pictures are enough to prove our point.

To add the point proven by the pictures, these guys use bicycles and roller skates INSIDE their office, I mean who would not want to work there!

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We all know about Freecharge, they has made recharging our phones so easy. On top of that, their attractive coupons have made our life more exciting. Coming to their office, we have no words to describe the level of their creative genius. Have a look!


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Tiny Owl

If you are a Friends lover, then look no further and do all you can to join Tiny Owl. Their dining area is like a prototype of Central Perk while their exciting gaming areas makes it look like the craziest gaming house. We are crying already!


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I have no idea what their work is about but their office is a lovely amalgamation of the craziest superheroes, quirky quotes and the most colorful atmosphere.


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Easily called the coolest startup office,  Myntra boasts of an entire life within its office. Even pictures could not be enough to show you it’s creative swag, thus the video below.

Even though now Mukesh Bansal has decided to take a leap to another venture, the office surroundings will always leave his vision in place.


After their eye-grabbing creative advertising campaign, we could not help but wonder over how their office would look like. Now we know and you will as well 😀


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Image Source


We cannot say anything, the pictures are making us invent new oceans with our tears.


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Image Source


This office is filled with so much motivation that you would not feel the need to dose off like we do in corporate offices all the time.


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We said Myntra is the ultimate destination for you, cuz’ we were saving the tastiest piece of cake for the end. If you get through Flipkart, you would not have even one sad day in your life 😀

And these are JUST two images, just go and see their office for yourself.


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Feel like jumping off the cliff already? Please don’t do that, just work extremely hard and join these crazy people in their awesome surroundings. Better yet, work more and more hard and build your own 😀

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