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Depression – When nothing is wrong

With a number of celebrities opening up about their mental health conditions, the most common among all  is Depression. Depression is something which many of us have gone through and many are still going through it.The only thing i want to say is, there is nothing wrong with being depressed. It’s a part of your mental health and it should be taken seriously but you should not feel guilty about it.

I know you feel like shit, you remain anxious, you feel nothing is happening for your good, you feel as if your world is falling apart. I also know that none but only you can feel what you are going through and nobody can even relate to it. Even if the person listening to you has been through depression, even he/she cannot understand your mental condition as each individual’s health is unique and specific to ones own. I understand how it feels and here it is “You are allowed to feel the way you are feeling, there is nothing wrong with feeling miserable and sad. You are not supposed to be on top of the world and be good with all of the people out there. You can yell, scream, panic, feel anxious, overthink about it, it’s all allowed. Don’t be guilty about it, even that is allowed if you want to. Be yourself,do what you feel like doing, be what you are. The worst problem with people in depression is that they enact, act something they are not, they behave as if they are happy and greet everyone as they are on cloud 9, despite the fact that they are sinking inside. Reason why they do this is because they feel if they will not behave in this manner people will know they are depressed and sad and feel negative about them.That increases the problem for them because there’s a constant battle between how they are feeling and how they want to feel. So, here i am telling you, you can be yourself, those who want to be with you will be with you and those who want to leave will leave.”

Having shared the knowledge i had about depression, lets have a look at what our celebrities have to say about it. As they “Have been there, dealt with it and emerged powerful and better”

  1. Every cloud has a silver lining, keep going and you will be through it.


2) It’s not your fault and don’t be guilty about it, it’s fine you are doing fine.



3) Realization is the key, once you know it you are already half way through it.


4) A fighter is a clear winner, just Don’t Give Up.


5) And if that’s the case you know what to do.


“If you are going through hell, keep going” quoted Winston Churchill, keep moving and be what you are. There is nothing wrong with who you are and how you feel. You are not the only one to feel miserable, there are many others. Accept the facts, and be patient, it will take time but you will emerge stronger.

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