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Pirates of The Caribbean: An all time Favorite

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of those films which leaves you with anticipation of its sequel, it is a film which gives you entertainment packed with logic and humor. Johnny Depp’s performance as a pirate or Captain Jack Sparrow seems to marvel and you will love his each and every dialog. The screenplay of the movie is brilliantly done and the script is beautifully presented. All in all this movie captivates you and mesmerizes you with its charm. Four movies of the series have been successfully released and the fifth one is in the process of making and is set to release on May 26, 2017. Before the movie hits the theaters let’s have a walkthrough of the brilliant wisdom delivered to us through its dialog’s.

1) Being aware about the facts


2) Optimism takes you a long way


3) Always being clear of what you want to do, be it good or bad, right or wrong doesn’t matter

4) You need to lose something to gain the other

5)  When in doubt, ask the EXPERT

6) The power of your thoughts

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7) Knowing the worth


Now, those were some insightful and intriguing words of wisdom. I want to watch the series now. While, we wait for the May 26, 2017 lets enjoy and live the perception of this pirate. Hope you liked this article, share and subscribe for more such posts.


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