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10 Ways To Beat The Blues

On Sunday evenings do you dread about the next day? Don’t feel like getting out of that bed on a Monday? Do you feel the need to eliminate Monday altogether? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are now a platinum member of the Monday Blues Club, But if you don’t feel very highly about it then the below mentioned tips will help you to change your outlook towards it.



You Can Do It

Before reading these simple tips you need to believe in yourself. Also take some time and ponder over whether it truly a case of “Monday Blues” or some sort of medical condition or any other serious issue because of which you don’t want to work.

1) “Problem Identification” equates “Problem Resolution”:

If you identify the problem because of which you don’t wish to work, you will reach the solution. The problems can range from personal to professional. Workplace may not interest you, or you may be doing the same work over and over without any challenges. Whatever the case may be if you are able to figure it out the solution is handy for you.

2) Weekends are for relaxing:

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”; after working for a week your body as well as your mind needs a little rest and relaxation. Enjoy your weekends. Try not to take work home.. Spend some quality time with your family and friends. Pursue your hobby. You may also be tired and in need of a good sleep. Have a good sleep over the weekend to rejuvenate your body and mind. A well spent weekend is a great start to an upcoming week.

3) Dress up & show up:

Mondays are the start of an exciting new week. Pick your favorite outfit; when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you do great work. Looking good also helps you to stay confident about yourself and helps you face challenges with grace.


4) Schedule Light:

If you know you have a pile of files to look at or a number of meetings to attend you will surely not be willing to reach office. Schedule light on Mondays, give some time for your brain to transition from weekend mode to work mode. Do not procrastinate on Fridays; be as productive as possible. This ensures you aren’t worrying about work all weekend and allows you to get a fresh start on Mondays.

5) Have fun at work:

Work needs to be interesting and something you look forward to. Maintain a healthy and fun atmosphere at your work place. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, stop by for a short chat with colleagues, or spend a few minutes organizing or decorating your workplace. You can also choose to work on something that you absolutely love and find engrossing first thing Monday. The bottom-line is to have fun at work.

6) Have a post- work plan:

We all plan for weekends and that is what makes the weekend exciting and much awaited. Have a post-work plan on Monday like meeting a friend for dinner or taking a yoga class. It will help you stay enthusiastic throughout the day.

7) Re conceptualize:

Much of our boredom for Monday is created by us. We have created a concept, if it is Monday we will not be willing to work, which is not a healthy sign. Re conceptualize your thoughts “It’s Monday, time to take over the world” gives your brain a much positive energy to work on Monday. You can also add a to-do list for Mondays, things which you love doing like playing a guitar or swimming.

8) Check your attitude towards work:

Do what you love and enjoy your work. If you are not very enthusiastic or passionate about your work you need to check whether you are on a right track.

9) Check your Mental Health:

This is the most important thing you should do if you are a part of this club. Mental health is something which we usually ignore, knowing very well that we shouldn’t. If you are fighting with any kind of mental health problems like depression, you will not feel enthusiastic about anything in life. Talk to a doctor or therapist about this.

10) Pack a Happy Lunch:

If you feel that you do not have anything to feel happy about at your workplace, pack yourself a happy lunch. Something you love eating, it will do wonders for your day. Start your day with a good breakfast, include healthy food like fruits. No one would like to work if they are starving or feeling less nourished.

Monday blues are not that dreadful as we think them to be. They are created by us because we do not enjoy our work as much as we enjoy the weekends that have just passed.. Work because you want to, not because you have to. Mondays won’t trouble you if you don’t let them. Your thoughts are powerful, so create those which are helpful. I hope that if you follow these tips Monday wont trouble you.  If you liked the post share and subscribe as the Monday is over.


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