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A Must Follow 7-Step Guide For All 20-Somethings

It’s not easy, we all know that. This age is worse than the teenage years. At least in our teenage phase we had no fucks to give about who is right or wrong. Because apparently we were always right.

*start some Green Day right there*

Though the end of the teen phase gives place to this new, half-cooked maturity that puts you in two parallel worlds. One, which says that ‘yes’ you are doing the right thing, you don’t need to worry too much. Second? You all know what it is, it’s this constant worry revolving in the stubbornly complex brain which just does not let you stop thinking.

The thoughts are endless: which career is meant for me, am I good enough, am I skilled enough, how will I pay the rent on my own, etc. etc.

I don’t want to remind you about the constant thoughts, though what I would like to remind you is this:



Wake up early and go for a walk (with a camera)

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In this age, there is this obsession with oneself. You can’t stop thinking about the future and the past. To get out of this depressing well of thoughts make it a routine to get up early and capture as many things as you can before you get thrown into your daily routine. It helps! It will help you in seeing more than you actually see, you will view the lives of people through this lens that will connect you with the world around you and it will surely be a hell lot of fun.

Imagine going to random people and lighting up their face by saying, “Hey, you look awesome, can I click your picture?” And in your 20’s you can do anything dude! So just lift that ass and go out and love the world.



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Yes, there are excuses of being broke all the time, but you can go make that money. It’s your age to work like a weasel and you have all the energy. As soon as you make all that money, please run at the first hint to a new place. Have a new adventure and do not let the routine get the better of you. You are young, alive and free always, age no bar.

Get a new look

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When else will you experiment if not now? Get that electric blue color with that pixie cut or just some random hairstyle of your favorite celebrity. According to science, people start looking more and more beautiful with age, and in your 20’s you have this mixture of admirable beauty and infectious energy. Why not experiment and set that look which goes with your changing personality?

Re-create family conversations


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If you have been a teenager with too many issues, the rapid change in your thoughts and behavior would come as a personal shock to you (speaking from experience). Well, you cannot run away from this change. Before, you liked hanging out with random friends more who must have not been friends at all, but now you are growing up and have started understanding who is who. Yes, you can see the reality now, so do make up for the lost family time and open up about yourself to your parents. No, they do not see you as a little kid, they are just waiting for you to start talking with them like you want to be spoken to.

Disconnect with unwanted people


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There is no use hanging on to people you don’t connect with anymore. There is no time to torture yourself and hang out with people who are not like you. This is your age to choose and love, choose and talk, choose and have fun. This is your life, your time. And you have got to spend it with people who make you feel like the Kings and Queens of the world, not with ones who make you struggle and depressed when you are with them. So, yes this is like the most important point. Better follow it!

Leave that job if it makes you sad


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You are just 20 or 22 or maybe 25. Do not put all the weight on your shoulders, there will be enough time to do that. Even if you have changed jobs twice and still feel like sticking your head in the sand like an Ostrich before going to office. LEAVE IT, AGAIN. You have all the time to consider and decide what do you want to do all your life, pick that up and bleed to be a part of it. Do not waste time in being a zombie, you have the power to choose your life and set it up like a beautiful garden instead of a concrete jail.

Get a tattoo


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Stop over thinking about the tattoo design but yes don’t just go and get birds flying all over your arms cuz’ everyone is getting it. You can get a tiny bit of ink which you feel defines you. It can be a paper plane if you love ‘freedom’ or just a stable line to show your calm nature. It’s not that painful, it’s fun actually! Quite an adventure that stays with you for each moment for the rest of your life.

This might look like a guide with random points but trust me, if you follow these 7 basic points you will feel much happier and more focused.

In the end only you have the power to chase the world with your beautiful dreams 🙂 And 20 is the perfect age to start it!


Zoya Seth
Zoya is one of the founding pillars of TMN and is also working on her own site "Gigareel" where she writes about movies and TV series.

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