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The Phone Call

“Find what you love and let it kill you” said Charles Bukowski. Have you realized what is it that you love? Someone said to me that “If you don’t do what your heart asks you to do, it’s not only you who misses something, but the entire Universe misses on what you can lead.” Read this interesting story about that one call one should always answer.


The phone buzzed and he was about to answer the call, just then the mail arrived. It was a high importance mail, some official work and needed to be completed now. Disconnecting the phone he sat back to work, “I will finish this and call back” is what he said to himself.

It was 8 now, he has been doing overtime from many days being at this position is a responsibility. You have no personal time, all what matters is work, work and work. Attaching all the documents needed he clicks send and picks up his phone and moves out of his workstation to make the call. He still have to spend more time in office because today is an important day.

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“Hello, I am Jamey I got a call from your number?”

“Hi, Jamey it was regarding work. But unfortunately we have assigned someone else for it. We will get back to you the next time.”

He stood there devastated, cursing himself for ruining his life. It was his last chance to make it all work. He had to convince his wife and family for this one shot, if it worked he will be doing what he has always wanted, if it didn’t he has his job. It took almost a week for all of them to agree and support him in his choice. He was a family man after all, he has always thought of them before anything else. He was the one who had to take care of them and support them in all forms possible. He was about to burst when he consoled himself to maintain the official demeanor.


Moving back to his desk he looked frustrated regretting the decision of not taking that call but attending work first. How can he be so careless, he should have thought that it can be an important call. His dreams now shattered and he was the one responsible for it. He sips some water to console his breaking heart and finds another mail popping up. He looks hopelessly at his screen and wonders how life has changed in minutes. He prioritized work and realized now that at times all you need to do is take the call, as it may change your life.

He was a Project Manager at an IT firm and was 40. Last week he found a website which mentioned the auditions happening for a new face in Bollywood. He wanted to work as an actor since childhood but never got an opportunity to be one because of circumstances. It took him years to realize that circumstances never change it’s you who develop skills to change them for your benefit. And that’s why he auditioned for it now. This one break could have changed his life. But he missed it, one thing he loved more than anything else, something he cannot live without. He gets up frustrated, fueled with anger and pity walks out and lights up a cigarette. Just then the Alarm buzzed, waking him up from his most dreadful dream. He looked up and smiled and went for work.


“Cut,” said the director. “Well done! Next is a song sequence, go and get ready for it.” He went in to his vanity and felt grateful that he took that phone call before attending that official mail.



Ratika Mishra
Ratika is a big fan of SRK and is also an extremely talented writer who has been a writer with us since the inception of this site

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