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Women of Substance

Today as the world celebrates International Women’s Day and social media is already flooded with various posts dedicated to womanhood (I am adding one more to the flood), regardless of the fact that one day is not enough to celebrate the joy of being a woman, but a special day dedicated definitely makes you feel special and signifies your importance. lets take a look at few women (as naming all will be difficult) from various walks of life who added their bit and made all of us proud.


Indira Gandhi: Nationalism being the most hot topic nowadays this name tops the list. She served the nation and was one of the most courageous Prime Ministers of the nation.

Annie Besant: It’s International Women’s day, so the list shouldn’t be just from India. A prominent Briitish socialist, theosophist, women’s right activist, writer and orator (I would like to thank her personally as she contributed to shorten this list by playing so many roles).

Mother Teresa: She has touched millions of life and is also a Nobel Peace Prize winner. She was also beautified as “Blessed Teresa of Calcutta”.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: Chairman & Managing Director, Biocon Limited, she is on the Forbes list of the world’s 100 most powerful women and in business list on top 50 women released by the Financial Times.

Kalpana Chawla: She was an American Astronaut and first American woman of Indian origin in space.

Sushmita Sen: First woman from India to be crowned as Miss Universe is my personal favourite. She is a woman who is taking feminism to another level.

Arundhati Roy: An Indian author who is best known for her novel The God Of Small Things which won the Man Booker Prize for fiction.

Anita: Well, I dont know who she is. Its just a name given to all women out there who are in any other role either working or non-working.

You all are special and important. The fact that you are born as a woman makes you the most loved and beautiful creature on Earth(and maybe space too). Keep celebrating whoever you are and cherish the joy of your being. You all are the “WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE”, Happy Women’s Day, you go girl!

Ratika Mishra
Ratika is a big fan of SRK and is also an extremely talented writer who has been a writer with us since the inception of this site

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