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I Sneezed

In this age of science, we all have at some point of our life faced the superstitious beliefs enforced by our parents (or maybe we are still not out of it). Well, being religious is one thing and being superstitious is a different trouble altogether. We have so many superstitious beliefs which are funny, silly and ironical ranging from a cat crossing your way (or maybe you crossing it’s way) to you naming something which is prohibited according to t hem while going out, it also includes you not washing your hair or cutting your nails on particular days (Thank God, it does not include you not bathing or doing daily chores, well do you know that too is not allowed during eclipses). We all know that these are superstitions and “it does not have any relation to anything living or dead and if something happens is just a coincidence”.



I have been a victim of one such coincidence and I still feel disastrous about it. My mother was going to perform some “puja” when I sneezed (followed by her offence and angry looks). My grandfather passed away the next day and you know whom she blamed for it, well yeah me. He was ill and very old so he lived a life and died a natural death but according to her due to some reason it was because I sneezed just before she was about to perform her puja.

Funny, isn’t it?This was just an example and I am sure a lot of us can relate and recite many more of such examples. We have fought campaigns like “touch the pickle” and the famous “allowing women inside temples during menstruation”, But still the problem exists. There are still many girls who will not prefer going to a temple while they are menstruating and maybe not wash their hair or cut nails.

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The only problem I have here is, we are humans with brains which works (I think), then how can we believe in something that is being said without questioning it. Isn’t because of this belief that we are fooled by so many self-proclaimed Godmen and women. “Superstition is the poison of the mind” quoted “Joseph Lewis” and i agree to it in its entirety.

It’s high time that we should realize that our minds are powerful and limitless, capable of achieving all what we want. Have the Belief in your own self and don’t let any superstition or any other belief fool you. Don’t agree to something you have not seen or experienced on your own. This world is your playground, let the experience be your own and not biased by someone else’s opinion. You may miss on the beauty of all what you do not explore, live your life, make it large and worth living.

Ratika Mishra
Ratika is a big fan of SRK and is also an extremely talented writer who has been a writer with us since the inception of this site

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