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Pieces: What Every Human Is Made Of

Have you ever played a jigsaw puzzle?

It demands precision in the placement of its pieces; one wrong placement and your picture will never be complete. Just like one wrong pass in basketball may turn the entire game in the other team’s favor.

I am a piece. We all are pieces. Pieces who have their own little pieces which make our identity, our unique picture.

No one’s story is the same, nor will it ever be. So everyone will have their customized jigsaw puzzles to play with.

You can jump and dance while completing your puzzle or you can whine and cry for being given a tough puzzle. The choice is yours and yours alone.

People cry and blame others and most of all God for taking away their loved ones or for not making them rich, thin and beautiful. I won’t start with the list of things that make people cry out of depression because it’s a huge one.

All that glitters is not gold and one who always laughs is not always happy. You can never know what anyone is going through just by looking at their appearance or their behaviour.

So do not mock, pity or feel jealous of anyone. Because in the end, we all are little conjoined pieces of a mammoth puzzle. A puzzle which will be completed in due time and trust me, that day will be remembered by each one of us.

Zoya Seth
Zoya is one of the founding pillars of TMN and is also working on her own site "Gigareel" where she writes about movies and TV series.

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