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Why Do Fathers and Boyfriends Never Get Along?

This question has been bugging my sub-conscious mind since the age of 14 or something. I did not let it bother my conscious mind because it was pretty useless to think about it at that age and I let it remain hidden in that safe dreamy place.

Now that I am supposed to be an adult and maybe make both these guys meet in the near future, this question has been one of the reasons for the loud pumping of my heart. (Yeah, too dramatic)

Well, what can be the reasons? Let’s try and make a list.

  1. Most of the daughters adore their fathers, especially as kids. But, as soon as puberty sets in they start to take an interest in boys/girls of their age. Fathers feel threatened with this new entry and of course, they will dislike whoever takes away father-daughter time.


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  1. According to Freud, a man who awoke all the owls in our classes: The moment a girl starts to take an interest in other boys is an end to all those Oedipus or Electra complexes. You can google it if you want.  Alright, I’ll give a gyst. The girl stops becoming father-fixated in the Freudian way and starts the search for her Prince Charming. Maybe, this turns the two into enemies. I know, it’s quite debatable but I’m just trying to complete my list.


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A daughter’s first love(get what Freud means?)

  1. I think the role of the man of the house as the hunter and protector forces fathers to act in a conventional way even when your guy would be an epitome of love and protection.


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4. Fathers may feel threatened because of the big change. Their daughter’s responsibility may be going to this new guy which would ultimately lead to an end of the father’s role. This may be the reason for the apparent dislike.


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Poor dad 🙁

5. Being a first-hand witness to the lengths fathers can take to protect their daughters from the ruthless world. I would also like to add a piece of advice here. Guys, do not ever think that you can make her love you more than she loves her father. If you do this, you might have to add a name to your list of enemies.


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