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‘Choosing Death’: A Tragic Short Story

Choosing Death

She was shivering, her face was turning white like snow and all her winter wear seemed to be useless at this moment.

It was 11 at night the weather was cold, she was on her way back home from work. She loved driving, the traffic at this time of the day was generally light. The stereo of her car was marvelous and she loved listening to the music while driving. It was a great stress buster for her.

The doctor saw her and assured her that he will try his best and she should not worry so much. But the fear was not leaving her mind. She was generally conscious while driving and almost never made any mistakes. She was unable to fathom how had this accident happened. She had repeated the incident in her head many times. “She was driving at the speed of 60 in low beam and from nowhere this man came in front of her car. She applied the brakes, but the car had already hit the man by then.”

She was terrified because of the accident and feared whether she will ever be able to forgive herself for this incident.

“He is fine”, said the doctor breaking her terrain of thoughts. “You can meet him in a while”, he said. She was anxious as well as waiting to meet him. None of his family members knew he is there, she wanted to inform them.

She went in to meet him. He was lying on the bed, expressionless. She apologized and asked him for his family’s details. The guy looked at her in despair and frowned.

She started cursing herself for all that had happened. She was in immense guilt, the guy then broke his silence and asked her for a glass of water. “Life is unfair” is the first thing he said.

“I was 6 when my mother passed away, growing up with my dad was not a very good experience as well because he remarried. Constant bullying at school, often made me cry. I was being teased and made fun of every time. My screwed childhood in my growing years made me realize all that was wrong with me or say the society. I am a gay and that is not acceptable for anyone, not even my dad. I still lived with the fact fighting all odds until one day when my step mother was not at home. It was that night when I was exposed to the most depressing abuse of my life. My dad is not a very good man to live with. I had no other option, I was unable to face anyone not even myself. I was tired and sick of my life. I wanted to end it and so I came in front of your car. Don’t be sorry it was not your fault.”

She was devastated and in shock. Moving out of the hospital room she was wondering how brutally history had repeated itself. She felt as if she had read her brother’s letter again.

This time it had been narrated by the victim himself.


Ratika Mishra
Ratika is a big fan of SRK and is also an extremely talented writer who has been a writer with us since the inception of this site

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