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5 Most Addictive Board Games

You are going to love reading this article if you love passing time by playing board or card games during social gatherings. Not only do they help in passing time productively, but they act as great stress busters! Dancing, chit-chatting, shopping might be fun ways to hangout but playing board games is something which is quite addictive to say the least.

Let’s have the top 5 names right here:

Family Business (Card Game)


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If you love seeing mafia movies and have been a Godfather fan, ‘Family Business’ might just succeed in helping you realize your mafia dreams. A game played by a group of 6 who manage their ‘Mafia gangs’ with Murder Inc, Capone serving as a few gang examples, you can kill through contract, start a mob war or save a gang of your liking by playing cards of family influence.

Quite easy to learn, Family Business will make you feel like Vito Corleone saving and leading your bunch of men against competitive gangs. Exciting? Damn, buy it right here and act like the Don you wanted to be!

Risk (Board Game)


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Quite similar to the concept of Family Business but one which talks about conquering and ruling the entire world. ‘Risk’ is like being the Army General of your country. Played by 2-6 players, the game depicts the entire world map divided into forty-two territories, grouped into six continents on its board setting . The main objective of each player is to occupy the most territories on board (go back into the history of conquering lands) The strategy of eliminating and ruling the world.

You have your own army which you lead to make conquering moves, catch: the dice. A little tough to understand but one you won’t be able to lay off as soon as you understand the basics.

Buy it on Flipkart.

Taboo (Card Game)


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A great game to improve your vocabulary, ‘Taboo’ can be played by an unlimited number of people (more the merrier). The game is pretty fun as each player gets to pick a card with a highlighted word on top. There is a list of 5 words which you CANNOT use while describing the ‘word’ on top (see picture). Whoever gets the other players to guess the most number of words throughout the duration of the game becomes the winner!

You can buy the vocab-building game here.

Settlers of Catan


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A game where you can set up your alter life. In ‘Settlers of Catan’ the players act as settlers who establish their own colonies on the island of Catan. You can build your community by utilizing resources through resource cards. A dice holds the power to decide which resources will be attained by each player. There is the barter system as well where you can trade resources, looting and stealing is also a part! The winner is the one who gets the most number of points for the way they build their colony, well, ain’t that fun! A fun combination of luck and strategy you can enjoy right here.



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A constant favorite of every generation, ‘Monopoly‘ was not created to just have some intellectual fun. It has an interesting history behind its creation: In 1903,  Elizabeth (Lizzie) J. Magie Phillips (an anti-monopolist) created this game to explain the single tax theory of Henry George. She mainly wanted to illustrate the negative effects of concentrating land in the hands of just a few: monopolizing resources.

In Monopoly the players move around the game-board buying or trading properties, developing their properties with houses and hotels, and collecting rent from their opponents, with the goal of leaving one monopolist in control of the entire economy. Monopolize the entire economy right here.

Liked the list? Which are the board games that have got you addicted? Let us know in the comments section!


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