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10 Food Places You CANT Afford To Miss In Delhi!

We all know how love develops for a city: ‘Food’! There is nothing else that will pull you to a city, rather, help you in deciding to shift there for a life-time if it keeps your palette is happy.

My aunt’s food theory: If food is good, means people who make it have good vibrations, thus the food is tasty otherwise it would surely be a load of crap. So good food=good people=happy life.

Coming to the wide headline pasted above this article, which are the top 10 places that are a MUST visit for your hungry belly in the capital?

Warning: The writer is a chicken lover, thus the bias in the names below (but you get vegetarian as well in these places so no harm in a visit)

Majnu Ka Tila (MT)


If you plan to visit it for the first time, do take a regular visitor with you before you get lost and develop judgments about the place even before entering it. See, you have to cross a slum area to reach this food haven, thus, I stressed on the judgement part.

Directions: Get down at Vidhan Sabha metro station, haul an E-rickshaw to MT and there you are, surrounded with the tastiest food. Again: TAKE A REGULAR VISITOR WITH YOU.21wp6o

Popular food items: Laphing, a very addictive Tibetan dish is a must try. Most of us can’t stop going there for that one-of-a-kind creation. Made into small rolled up pieces of flour, soya fillings and the spiciest sauce, you are surely going to drool over its taste and will come back for more within a week.

Avantika Momos (Lajpat Nagar)


Delhi has a momo vendor at every 2-3 km, which makes the momo-lovers love the city so much. If you are crazy about ‘good’ momos, please make this place your momo hub.

Directions: Get down at Lajpat Nagar metro station, take a rickshaw till the market area where the Max showroom is located. Ask anyone around where Avantika momos is and you will reach your destination.

Apart from Avantika momos, Lajpat nagar is a food paradise. After binging on the yummy fried momos, you can head to Amar Colony and go wild and eat everything at the Amar Colony food lane.

P.S: You get vodka momos as well in Amar Colony.

Jamia Nagar


Image Source

If you love gorging on non-vegetarian dishes or if you are a Lucknow-ite or a Kashmiri who hasn’t been able to find that one place which makes yummy non-vegetarian. Head straight away to Jamia Nagar.

Directions: Get down at Nehru Place metro station and take an auto till Jamia Nagar.

Popular food items: Tipu Sultan ki biryani is a hit in the ‘only non-veg’ abode. It is so appetizing that you will continue hogging it even when your stomach is full. Made with a nice mix of oil, ‘ache chawal‘ and well-cooked pieces of meat I am sure you will fly to a different world once you eat it. Exact location: Batla house.

Jama Masjid (Evening Time)

IMG_20150922_211028765Delhi is known for Chandni Chowk and Jama Masjid, that’s like the first place people head to when they visit Delhi on vacations.

Directions: Get down at Chandni Chowk metro station in the evening, take a ric or just walk till Jama Masjid. You will see the food stalls lined up on both sides of the road. Then you can begin your hungry belly’s binge vacation.

Popular food items: The ‘Shahi ka Tukda’ and hand-made mango ice-cream IMG_20150922_205256192in front of Karims is a must-eat. I bet you will eat 2-3 plates in one go. Don’t miss licking your fingers after eating the fried chicken at Chicken Point. So juicy and spicy!



Entire GTB Nagar


Yes, the entire place is FILLED with food joints. You can keep hopping from one to the next and never get bored. Best thing you can stay at a friend’s place living in that area for a week and try out all the famous restaurants at GTB.

Directions: Get down at GTB Nagar metro station and keep walking and eating.images (1)

Popular food items: I can’t pin-point specific food items, otherwise the article will become too long. Though I can list the popular food joints out there: Big Yellow Door, Rico’s, QD’s, Korean Cafe, Yolo: these are like the must-visit restaurants but with the continuous expansion of the eating and coaching hub, I am sure you will get to see many more yummy places on the way.

Satya Niketan

images (2)The South Campus’ eating hub, Satya Niketan has a line of restaurants just like GTB Nagar and North Campus’ Kamla Nagar. From mouth-watering rolls to cheesy pasta you get to taste all of it here.6718_e1-1397546492

Directions: Closest to AIIMS/Green Park metro station, from where you can hop on an auto till Satya Niketan.

Popular food items: Make sure you eat the tandoori momos and the rolls at Chowringhee lane, those are a must. Apart from that, follow the GTB Nagar hop and eat formula.

Malviya Nagar


The Malviya Nagar market is loved by all the residents of that place because of the food. It’s like wherever you go, you will find food. And it’s not even that expensive, it treats people of all budgets with respect.

Directions: Get down at Malviya Nagar metro station and take an auto till Malviya Nagar market, then keep walking and choosing a place of your liking.

Popular food items: Again, like GTB the food joints at this place make it a popular site for foodies. The make-shift Chicken Changezi Corner near Pizza Hut, Kolkata Kathi rolls near Gurudwara, Waza which serves authentic Kashmiri food (again near Pizza Hut) Oh, the list is endless!

P.S: Don’t miss the chaatwala near the Airtel showroom in the main market.

Gurgaon Food trucks

Naashta-Paani-Food-Truck-DelhiFood trucks have this unique quality of being dangerously delicious, and lovingly cheap as well. They have a culture of their own, be it the Rajma Chawal sold on the backseat of a Maruti or a beautifully crafted truck selling yummy popsicles.

Directions: MG Road has the most number of food trucks to appease your appetite, apart from that Mehrauli and Sohna road are the other destinations. To list a few names: Frugurpop, Nashta Paani, Super Sucker, What the truck. You can easily follow them on Facebook and get their complete address there. Better still, check out this link.

Hawkers Van (Vasant Kunj)


A food truck which deserves a unique point of its own.

Can you cross miles to have the spiciest, yummiest noodles? Then I am sure you will love the Hawkers chowmein. My friend and I had randomly ordered food from here and we got a rolling surprise after tasting the delicious noodles. I can even call them one of the best noodles I have ever tasted in the capital.46d763769ee495313c3f094ef78570cf


Directions: There are just two Hawkers vans in the capital, and both can be found in Vasant Kunj. To reach there you can get down at Chattarpur metro station and ask the auto-wallah to take you to Hawkers van. Or you can stay at a friend’s place (if they live in Vasant Kunj) and order them straight at home.




getimageFamously known as Delhi’s hippie community, Paharganj makes you come across people of different nationalities wandering the streets with not a care in the world. You get to try out cuisines of Iran, German, Spain or any country of your liking. The menus are made to suit the palette of the eclectic blend of nationalities living in this area. DSCF8864

Directions: De-board at R.K.Ashram metro station and exit to the streets of Paharganj.

Popular food items: Sams Cafe’s pancakes are quite popular, though you should choose wisely from the list. There are many rooftop cafes where you can sit cross-legged and have a super relaxed time. There is also a cafe in Hotel Sheraton which is open 24/7!


Enjoyed the yummy, mouth-watering list? Now just run to these places and have the time of your lives!

P.S: Many places are not even covered here, no food list can ever end!

Zoya Seth
Zoya is one of the founding pillars of TMN and is also working on her own site "Gigareel" where she writes about movies and TV series.

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