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The 10 Commandments For Every Entrepreneur

Are you a dreamer? Have you started working on your dreams? Then you can very well be called an entrepreneur.

But, are you following these 10 things on a daily basis to keep yourself together against the insurmountable odds and obstacles that you can come across with? Being an entrepreneur is no joke, seriously, there is no kidding involved here. If you decide to choose this way of life, then you need to stick to it and make a fat amount of changes in your lifestyle.

10. Starting with: Saving up! Opening your company is not at all like the job you have been a part of in your previous years, there is no fixed amount of salary coming your way on a specific day of each month, more so you would not even know when will the time come when you will get at least some amount of revenue for your survival.


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In case you are living away from home, it will get a little harder. Don’t worry, I am not trying to scare you, I am just preparing you so that you don’t just step into the field of chasing your dreams and ending up making yourself more miserable than you were at your zombie job. So save up each day, some tenners or just open an FD so that in times of a financial collapse you have something to survive on.

9. Choose your team carefully


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See, no one likes to work too much or too less. There has to be a nice amount of balance between you and your start-up team. You have made a team for a reason, you need a team for a reason. Even if you are a workaholic do not let this quality make you the lifter of all burdens in your company. You have left your job and decided to be a part of an idea for a reason which includes enthusiasm, fun and a totally crazy lifestyle. For that, you need people who are as crazy and excited as you. Thus, the team has GOT TO BE AWESOME!

8. Surround yourself with creative ideas


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The thing is there is not going to be anyone badgering you to do this and that. You will experience a sense of complete freedom, that does not mean you just sit and keep ‘thinking’ about what you will do next. Surround yourself with tit-bits of random ideas that light up your mind at odd moments. Always keep your note-pad and pen with you to scribble down randomly viral ideas. And then stick them all over your room or your little office space. This will give you a sense of purpose and direction. The blank days will be a little less.

7. Meet Random People


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You might think being a part of a start-up means unbent focus on your work, in front of the screen or whatever your idea tells you to do. That does not mean you stop meeting people. When you stop meeting people and doing random things your creative brain will not get the ‘food’ it really needs. Just like a writer can never be better till they ‘really’ experience what they are writing about, in the same way an entrepreneur can never grow till they meet new people and share that whole vibration of personality and life exchanges.

6. Exercise


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Please, this is a very important form of advice. I know your start-up requires you to devise your body clock into a totally jumbled piece of jigsaw. The sleeping hours are never set, you are mostly awake and ‘thinking’ constantly. To think better you need to go for that walk/jog/dance each day. Just 30 minutes- 1 hour of time to rejuvenating your body and you will be all set to chase the day like a well-fed lion 😀

5. Relax


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I know it’s not easy, there are moments of complete stress and de-motivation, ideas take a stand-still. But you just need to sit back and relax. You are not alone, there are millions like you who are working so hard to chase their dreams and each day they are getting closer to it. Just a bad day of not many views or a totally unproductive day doesn’t mean that you should flood yourself with stressful thoughts. It actually means that you should listen to your favorite rapper, dance around, have a good time and come back with a blast of energy and ideas.

4. Less Facebook, Instagram


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In case you have super intellectual, inspiring, productive stuff coming on your news feed then go ahead spend some time exploring your Facebook and Insta worlds. But if its filed with Insta shopping pages, pictures of people hanging out or just a load of crap eating your time please stay away from it. There are many apps which keep tabs on how much time you waste on your phone (Checky, Menthal), INSTALL them right away!

3. Eat healthy, NO JUNK: This might be the hardest commandment to follow as the paucity of time will force you to opt for fast food rather than going the healthy way. Let me share a fact with you,

“A compiled survey of the past few decades has shown that the excessive consumption of junk food is directly connected with the increase in obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain cancers”.


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You all know that already and each day you are getting closer to stuffing yourself with these diseases by avoiding healthy food. From where will you get energy to build your start-up if your body is filled with ‘junk’?

2. Read everything


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You have opened your own business, thus, you need a hands-on knowledge about everything under the sun. Like seriously, you need to be adept at everything that is required to build your product or service. You can’t give any justification for not poking your nose in each department as not doing that will not create your actual dream, it might just turn into something totally different. Business Development, Operations, Writing, Designing- you might just have to follow the phrase of being the Jack of all trades and Master of ‘One’ (there is no none involved here)

1. Track each moment of your time


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You cannot afford to waste time anymore, you have got to plan your entire calendar year, daily chores, future goals and what not. Not easy to manage it all in the head right, again I would recommend some apps that help tremendously. They will help in organizing everything for you, call them your constant Badger who reminds you what all you need to accomplish. Jiffy, aTimeLogger are a few examples.

Just follow these 10 Commandments and you are good to go. All the Best!


Zoya Seth
Zoya is one of the founding pillars of TMN and is also working on her own site "Gigareel" where she writes about movies and TV series.

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