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Motivation: What Is Your Excuse?

People require motivation now and then. They often like to surf YouTube for motivational videos or read inspirational quotes from newspapers. They search the Internet for movies, TV shows, anime, manga, comics and novels for motivational short or long stories. They get motivation when talking to successful people or reading the biographies of “special ones”.

But still that kind of push is not enough to convince them to follow their dreams. They give reasons how rare success is and get lost in the said “logical” way to do things. But I have an argument for you people that nature itself has been throwing at us all our lives. The society makes younger generations blind to this truth for stupidest reasons.



I call this the Neanderthal argument. You can call it whatever you want. Everyone reading this has some idea about evolution. If not click here . The last two stages in human evolution were the Neanderthals and the Homo Sapiens. (Yes  you may have studied that Cro Magnon man was the second to last but you must understand we have yet to completely differentiate these stages, broadly for reference consider the following image)

The Human Evolution

According to historians the Neanderthals used to settle around places with adequate food and water supply. They didn’t think of migration until the resources they had wasn’t enough to satisfy the population. Most people would call this a logical decision and other people who have no thoughts of their own would gladly follow them.

Now take the case of Homo Sapiens. They traveled far and wide from Africa to Australia and the Americas. They were the one who built ships and explored the world. They were brave enough to wander into unknown wilderness. They made cities instead of villages. They all did something they had not done before. They took risks which were considered stupid by the normal people even then.

Now ask yourself who survived and who became extinct. This is the nature’s way of motivating us to change and bring change in others. A true ‘logical’ reason to do ‘illogical’ things. Now, what is your excuse?

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