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The Flash: Is Jay Garrick Really Zoom?

The Flash has just gone on a break for 3 weeks and at the end of episode 15 of season 2, they revealed the identity of Zoom which appears to be Jay Garrick.


But is it really so? This reveal might have been a bit misleading for us because of the whole “multiverse” concept. So lets talk about this in this post. Here are a few assumptions on who Zoom actually might be. For this post I will be theory crafting about every possibility for the same.

1. Jay Garrick is Zoom


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While this might be entirely possible on the show as they did last year with Harrison Wells reveal as the Reverse Flash, I don’t see how they would explain this bit. However, if you think about it this might be a real possibility. Since the show has addressed Jay Garrick’s need to enhance his speed using the Velocity-6 formula as he thought that he was not fast enough. This could have led him into a split personality disorder wherein he might not know that he himself is Zoom. Also, it could be possible that Jay Garrick eventually turns into Zoom in a future time and then travels back in time to kill The Flash from all Universes to steal their speed for getting faster in present day but in doing so he kills himself at the end of season 2 episode 15 and hence his dialogue, “Well, this, is a complication”. That one dialogue really makes me believe that Jay Garrick himself is Zoom. The producers of the show have also hinted in various interviews that Jay wasn’t entirely honest with The Flash team on a few things which makes him quite shady. Just like last season’s Harrison Wells where he seemed like a nice guy most of the time but at the end we had a huge WTF reveal.

2. Hunter Zolomon is Zoom

In Episode 11 we saw Jay Garrick explaining Caitlyn Snow why it was not possible to find a cure for him with his Earth One doppelganger since there were a few complications and that his Earth One counterpart was not named Jay Garrick but was Hunter Zolomon instead. Now comic book readers all know that Hunter Zolomon is actually Zoom in the comics. So this might be a total possibility as well because we haven’t seen much of Hunter Zolomon on screen and since he looks exactly like Jay Garrick it is a very good possibility that he might actually be Zoom if the writers want to stay true to the comics. It is for time to tell how the story will unfold further for us to know if this is true or not. Not much references to Hunter Zolomon have been made in the show except for one instance, as we see in season 2 episode 11 of The Flash.

3. Jay Garrick from Earth-3 is Zoom


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Although this is a very very small possibility but well we can always hope for best. If Zoom is Jay Garrick from Earth 3 we might be getting a hint of just how big The Flash is going to be in the upcoming seasons and we might truly get to experience all the amazing Crime Syndicate story lines as well as Crisis on Infinite Earths in future. I personally don’t think they will do this but if they do then I would totally love it and would get really hyped for the further seasons to come. However, no references to Earth 3 have been made till now so we might as well rule out this possibility for now.


Nikhil Malankar
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