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4 Reasons That Make Marvel Uncool

Yes, Marvel has proven to be good in cinematic universe. Yes, they made Avengers actually happen in live-action. Yes they have made us laugh and care about heroes most of us did not knew existed(those non comic book fans). But they have painted our eyes with nonsense, using their glory, and tricked us into believing that they are the best.

Please, do not get me wrong. I have enjoyed every Marvel movie they have given to us. The previous rant was against the baseless arguments Marvel fan boys make to smear the name of DC. I am afraid that people will still criticise DC movies like enemies or like a son they never wanted. So in my attempt to make the playground even and clear your minds I present to you some of the many reasons that makes Marvel not so cool.

1. The Hulk is not invincible.


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I am sorry Bruce Banner. I like you both as Bruce and the Hulk. But your anger itself has failed you.

We have learnt that the power of the Hulk is fuelled by anger. The more angry he gets, the gamma radiation infused within his cells make him one of the most powerful of the Avengers and the Marvel universe. Technically speaking, according to the Marvel movies, if his heart beats fast enough, he becomes the Hulk. He has tried to kill himself by shooting a bullet in his mouth, but the green guy has spit it out. To keep him in Hulk form, his heart must keep on beating, his lungs must keep on breathing.

Then the most easiest way to stop Hulk is to keep him in outer space, where there is no air to breathe. I have read the comic in which Hulk develop fish-like glands to breathe underwater. Changes in his anatomy can make him adopt powers of any species on earth, like the healing factor. But changing the body so much that it does not require oxygen, that is required by the heart to pump the adrenalin that his keeping him in Hulk form, seems like too much of a stretch.

2. Wonder woman is stronger than Thor.


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I never really understood how Marvel fan boys make Thor equal to Superman. The truth is Wonder woman can defeat him. Let me explain.

Consider the similarities between them. Both have super strength. Both are born to be leaders. Both are fighters. Both have really long lives. Both have resources in magical arts. In these parameters both are equal.

You may say that Thor has Mjolnir whereas all Wonder Woman has is a lasso of truth. But it may surprise you to know that Wonder Woman has picked up the Mjolnir in great crossover edition between Marvel and DC.

According to Thor: The Dark World, Asgardians live for around 5000 years. When we meet Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman, she will already be 5000 years old. Given her experience in fighting for such a long time, she is trained in almost all martial arts there has ever existed. When Thor and Wonder Woman actually decide to battle it out, the Mjolnir will have two warriors commanding it, which will render it useless and also brings the fight down to that only of the skill. I will let you decide which one will win.

3. Man of Steel made more sense than the Avengers.


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People often complain about how there is so much destruction in MoS. They also make memes that Avengers tried to contain the destruction when aliens invaded New York. But they do not realise that the stakes were higher in MoS. I ask you people what sounds more terrifying, Invasion or Annihilation. Avengers fought against aliens who were trying to invade the Earth. Considering the size of the breach over New York city, it would have taken much more time to conquer all of the Earth. If an archer and an assassin can defeat these aliens, I don’t think the world has any less sharpshooters and assassins in it to form an army of Avengers. The government and the Shield actually invested time and resources in these heroes, so there was always hope that they could protect us.

The conditions were much worse in Man of Steel. The Kryptonians had the plan to completely annihilate humanity using the World Engine. There would be no slaves, no mercy, no questions just death. The rate of the transformation was so high that humanity would be dead in weeks if it wasn’t for Superman. Also the governments had no plans or defence strategy against these super powered aliens. So they had no hope left in them except Superman. As he rightly said, “It’s not an S. On my planet, it means hope.”

4. Marvel movies leave things unexplained.


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Ask yourself these questions.

How has Bruce Banner learned to control his anger? How is black widow able to control him by weird hand rubbing techniques? How did Tony Stark not know about Hydra growing inside Shield? How the Iron Man suit, which has held ground against Thor in the Avengers, is not able to defend Tony against Bucky and Rogers? How does Bucky have strength equal to Steve Rogers if he only has a metal arm? How was Tony able to breathe in the Iron Man suit when he entered into the wormhole in the Avengers? How did he fall back to Earth? If Ultron, a machine completely capable of calculating probabilities, wanted to destroy humanity, why cause a meteor strike when the odds of the success of the plan were not great? Why did not Shield show up to save Tony in Iron Man 3? How can Ant-Man be weightless and have momentum at the same time?

Every movie has its inconsistencies. But that cannot be an excuse if you claim to have good writers.

These are four of many mistakes that are overlooked by Marvel fan boys. I want both to succeed. But just saying that won’t make it true. I can imagine what pressure DC movies will be facing if people remain blind to the wonders they have in store for us. This is why I wrote this piece. So that you can argue the merits of both DC and Marvel in the right way. If people begin to hate movies before seeing them, do you think we will get any more movies?

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