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Money: What If This Concept Didn’t Exist?

Many times we have heard the statement ‘Money is the root of all evil’. This statement, however, is partly true. But how would life be if there was no money? Would world become a better place to live without money? Or will it just increase our difficulties? Well, let’s see on the basis of my imagination how the world will be without money.


We need it for our day to day-to-day life but long time ago the concept of currency wasn’t there. There was ‘Barter system’. And before the ‘Barter system’ everything on Mother Earth was available for free. People would find food and feed their hunger by themselves without having to give anything. But what will happen if such a thing happens in today’s times?


Well, what I can guarantee you is that if money won’t be there most of our problems will get solved in the blink of an eye. I’ll give you my reasons for that. To start with let me give you an example of two countries. What is the main aim of a country? Primarily, the sole aim of a country is prosperity. Where does prosperity come from? In human mind there is a cliché that prosperity comes from money. May be would have been no war if such a concept didn’t exist. Because after all we all fight for our stomach. We fight to feed our hunger. We fight to have a luxurious life where all our basic necessities are well satisfied.


The next example is about love. Most of the times some ‘money-crazy’ people pretend to love a person only because of their wealth. History is filled with many examples. And when money is lost, such people dump their partner just because they are in love with money! So, if money is not there people will love truly and will really care for their partners. Love is not just about money. It’s about true feelings.


Next in the examples if theft. Almost every day we read in newspapers about robbery. What is the cause of robbery? It is lack of money. When some person gets fired or is unemployed they need to feed their stomach. So, sometimes they choose the wrong path to earn and ultimately end up in a mess.

In this article I have only listed the ‘Pros’ of such a world. However according to nature’s rules if there are pros then cons will also exist. Just imagine about a world like this and let us know your views through comments

Nikhil Malankar
Nikhil is the founder of Tell Me Nothing and has a huge interest in making and playing games. He is also into game development and has written a published book on the same.

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