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The Hitler Priests Of Sabarimala Temple, Kerala

The news of different bans on women rights  are somehow quite common in the democratic, secular and tolerant country called India. The most recent news of a ban experienced by the female species created by none other than God is the ban on their entry at the Sabarimala temple in Kerala.

‘A temple is a building devoted to the worship of God or Gods’, says the Oxford dictionary. To come to our take, let us first enlighten you with the crux of the news by quoting the national newspapers.

RETRANSMISSION:::::::::::::Sabarimala: Devotees throng to witness lord Ayyappa at Sannidanam in Sabarimala on Saturday. PTI Photo (PTI12_5_2015_000262A)
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News by Indian Express: Sabarimala temple: Kerala government defends ban on women’s entry 

Defending the ban on entry of women in Sabarimala temple, the Kerala government Friday told the Supreme Court that beliefs and customs of devotees cannot be changed through a judicial process and that “the opinion of the priests is final” in matters of religion.

It claimed that the restriction on entry of women in the menstrual age group cannot be tested on the ground of fundamental right to equality since it involves essential and integral part of practicing religion, which includes the “right to exclude persons”.


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No woman in sight

Ahead of the Assembly polls, the Congress-led UDF government also withdrew the “erroneous” stand of its predecessor, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government, which had stated in an affidavit in November 2007 said “it is not fair to deny a section of women from entering Sabarimala temple”. The LDF government had favoured appointment of a commission of scholars to facilitate the change.

However, in the fresh affidavit, the present government has contended that the previous stand favouring a change had no legal basis and that it wanted to rectify the “mistakes” by withdrawing the stand taken in 2007. It said that rituals, ceremonies and modes of worship are exclusive matters of religion protected under Articles 25 and 26 of the Constitution and they entitle people and communities to manage their own affairs.

“In the context of Sabarimala, the administration vests with the Travancore Devaswom Board under the provisions of the Travancore-Cochin Hindu Religious Institutions Act, 1950. Under the Act, there is a statutory duty cast on the Board to arrange worship in temples in accordance with the usage. Therefore, in matters of religion, it is the opinion of the priests that is final,” it said.

The government stated that “the right to exclude persons who are not allowed to participate in worship according to the tenets of the religious institution in question is a matter of religion” and such essential or integral parts of religion are “immune” from challenge under Article 14 (right to equality).

Our take: Well, it seems like a large sect of the Indian population has a huge problem in understanding the meaning of “right to equality”. Article 14 surely was made with many loopholes for the tomfoolery of idiots. A woman just like man is created with special features and functions which make her a ‘woman’. Just like a man is born with a penis utilized for excretion and the creation of sperms, in the very same way a woman is born with a vagina utilized in excretion  and to intake the sperms to create another freakin’ human being! CREATE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.

male-reprodoctuve-diagram_1_                                               side

A diagrammatic representation of the male and female organs to refresh your Science classes

Now to make the female body prepared and functional to ‘create’ a tiny little baby ( God’s main function is to create and he decided to share it with a woman). God decided to endow her with a concept called menstruation which was very important in letting her have children. That is the reason gynecologists are consulted when this cycle goes haywire.

No menstruation means no baby, aka no aulaad aka no progeny to take your family into the future. Now who decided to give any human being (priests very much included) the right to decide who can pray to God, when can they pray to God and where they can pray to God.

We all know that God is everywhere and going to a temple is not ‘essential’ to connect with him. But the people who get their share of peace by entering a holy place of worship which is filled with vibrations of a million prayers have all the right to enter and stay in that place of worship for as long as they like. That is the reason why a temple is created, to be at peace and pray to the person who has the power to give as well as destroy your life.

He has created a ‘woman’, gone ahead and shared his power of creation with her and you decide to ban her right to choose her abode of worship. If you ask us who is going to be experiencing the wrath of God in Hell or Heaven, you might have just got the answer.

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