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11 Reasons Why Deadpool Is The Coolest Antihero

One of the most awaited movies of 2016 has hit the movie screens and has set new records for superhero movies. Deadpool movie’s marketing team has also done a great job in the promotions of the movie and had left no stone unturned for the movie’s success. So we decided this would be the best time to get to know this awesome antihero, yes he’s not a superhero, Deadpool. Lets get started!

1. He has killed the Marvel Universe!


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Yes, you read that right! To find out more do read comic book issue storyline “Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe”

2. He can break the fourth wall


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Deadpool knows he’s inside a comic book or movie or like right now, on this blog!

3. He’s not a hero!


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Deadpool is not a hero, he regards himself more aligned on the dark side. He’s just a guy with super powers but not a superhero. He’s an antihero.

4. He has romanced DEATH


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Normally people are scared of death, but not Deadpool! He has romanced Death itself and many such cosmic entities.

5. He’s pansexual


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Sex is sex for Deadpool. His sexuality isn’t something that concerns him at all. He can romance whoever he wants to.

6. He cannot be killed


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Deadpool can have a knife go through his brain or even worse but he simply cannot die.

7. He can regenerate from a single cell!


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8. He’s Canadian


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And has made this evidently clear in his comics through quirky jokes and refusing to use imperial measurements 😛

9. His official Twitter account follows only 1 account



Seriously, go see for yourself: Deadpool on Twitter

10. He has appeared alongside EVERY Marvel Universe character


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And all of the Marvel Universe characters have made an appearance on his wedding day, cute haha 😀

11. He can defeat his opponents by talking non sense


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Seriously, not kidding!

So here you have it folks! 11 reasons to love Deadpool more than any other superhero, oops, antihero. Of course there are plenty of other reasons why we love Deadpool so be sure to use the comments section to let us know your reasons. Also, if you like this post then share this with your friends via social media. Thanks for reading.

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