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10 Reasons Why “Neerja” Is An Adorable Movie

Neerja was released recently which told the story of braveheart flight attendant Neerja Bhanot who saved many lives during a plane hijack. Here are some things that make this movie stand out.

1. Based on the real life story of Neerja Bhanot


This is a real story of a girl who died saving 359 passenger. She is “Neerja”. This attracted people to watch the movie.

2. Her do or die attitude


The passion, faithfulness and the killing attitudes made her alive after dying also. In the above poster she is saying that “I will die but I won’t run away from my job”. She also proved the same.

3. Sonam Kapoor’s finest till date


The adorable acting and dedication to role given by “Sonam Kapoor”.

4. Amazing cast


The co-operation of co-actors in the movie also has given the nice impact.

5. The portrayal of strong will power

She was also scared as everyone will if he/she is in this situation but then too she clamed her mind and saved so many lives.

6. Neerja’s young age


For this bravery she got 3 awards from India, Pakistan and America. She has done this bravery at the age of 23.

7. Braveheart


As the above picture says she was India’s youngest brave heart. This also attracted people to watch the movie.

8. Neerja was a smart woman


Her intelligence saved many people life.

9. Her valour for saving lives


She died while saving 3 children.

10. Deserves recognition


She was unknown till now but because of this movie everyone knows her now. The real hero. Heartiest salute.

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