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Being GAY Is So Ungay

Yes, I am an only child who loves love and freedom and lots of chocolates and, of course coffee and sexy lingerie.

Even though quite meaningless, these little things give me an identity of my own which I can be proud of.

Just like I can be called a girl and not be looked at like I’ve just landed from dead Pluto or something, umm, you can hold your debating horses! The point is that it’s taken for normal you know, my so-called sexual identity.

What about the identity of my lesbian and gay friends? Do they have an identity they can be proud of and be able to walk around with heads held high like every man in India can?

Or, it’s safer for them to be undercover to avoid being beaten, blackmailed, killed or committing suicide.

Sad as it may seem, only to a slight minority among us who really get the normalcy of being gay. It is considered a sin by our auto-democratic leaders. Their source of inspiration, the Holy scriptures.

I consider them quite illiterate, these so-called Dharma followers who twist and turn words into parajumbles to debase all that our good old forefathers had to say.

I admit that I have not been a reader of the Vedas per se but I can staunchly say that no Guru would have had the decency of calling our brothers and sisters abnormal creations. It would be like calling God blasphemous.

Infact India, out of all countries should have been the leader of accepting different sexual orientations with the Kamasutra as one of its creations.

Oh no! America needs to do that for us. Only after each American has read the Kamasutra, all the Vedas and all the yoga postures. So, my dear friends of the other sexual orientation/wiring, you will need to wait for some more centuries for us to ape the West from our own borrowed knowledge.

Till then, let’s get cured by Baba Ramdev’s magical yoga.

Zoya Seth
Zoya is one of the founding pillars of TMN and is also working on her own site "Gigareel" where she writes about movies and TV series.

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